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foreign policy and global economy

Special Stories

The King who was killed by a monkey

Special Report: The State of U.S. Defense 2017

Obama’s uncertain legacy

Global Nuclear Power Database

The 5 Most Important Treaties in World History

Nixon’s Resignation: 40 Years Later

Eight things you need to know about China’s economy

Territorial Disputes – Malignant and Benign

The Kissinger Interview in The National Interest

Beyond Guantanamo

China in Africa

The Iran Nuclear Deal

China’s Maritime Disputes

The Role of the Federal Reserve

The FP Power List: The 500 Most Powerful People On The Planet. Read Here – Foreign Policy

2012: The Year of the Locusts. Read Here – Project Syndicate

Beijing Opera: China Changes Leader, But What Comes After Hu. Read Here – Reuters

Free Markets, Anarchy, Ideology and Utopia. Read Here – Standpoint

A Forgotten War in the Himalayas. Read Here – RealClearWorld

War is the Worst. Read Here – Intelligent Life

The first serious biography of Aung San Suu Kyi arrives at perhaps the most serious point of her public life. Read Here – Democracy

During World War II, Ernest Hemingway happily devoted much more of his time and energy to the field of intelligence than to his normal literary pursuits. He had relationships with the intelligence section of the US embassy in Havana as well as with at least three US intelligence agencies. Read Here – Studies in Intelligence

Closing a celebration on June 30, 2012 for his swearing-in as what the world hailed as Egypt’s first civilian, freely elected president, Mohammed Mursi declared, “We will not look back, nor will we look beneath our feet, but we will look forward always.” In that simple, seemingly pedestrian statement he summed up the strategy that has brought the Society of the Muslim Brothers from humble but ambitious beginnings in Ismailiya in 1928 to political (if not yet physical) dominance in the largest Arab nation, and most other parts of the region, today. Read Here – Foreign Policy Research Institute


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