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Greenland Is Melting

The shrinking of the country’s ice sheet is triggering feedback loops that accelerate the global crisis. The floodgates may already be open.

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Water, The Defining Strategic Factor In World Affairs

This year’s World Water Day, on March 22, provides an opportunity to highlight what in many countries has become a grim reality: The availability of fresh water is increasingly a defining strategic factor in regional and global affairs. Unless water resources are managed with extraordinary care, the consequences could be devastating.

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A Climate Agreement Powered By Hypocrisy

The agreement reached in Paris contains promises that, if enacted between now and the target date of 2030, will cost the global economy at least $1 trillion dollars a year – and possibly twice as much if politicians make inefficient policy choices. This makes the agreement the costliest in history.

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195 Nations Set Path To Keep Temperature Rise Well Below 2 Degrees Celsius

Photo Courtesy - World Bank

Photo Courtesy – World Bank

An historic agreement to combat climate change and unleash actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future was agreed by 195 nations in Paris today. The Paris Agreement for the first time brings all nations into a common cause based on their historic, current and future responsibilities.

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The Still Unresolved Questions Of the Paris Climate Agreement

The climate worsens slowly, and it will be solved slowly. Its works in time scales years and decades-long, not days or hours. Yet every so often there is an exceptional moment, and we are in one right now. This may be the single most important week for the climate this decade.

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Obama Casts Climate Talks As World’s Last Best Chance

India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi meeting US President o Barack Obama, on the sidelines of COP21 Summit, in Paris, France

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi meeting US President o Barack Obama, on the sidelines of COP21 Summit, in Paris, France

President Barack Obama urged the world to consider the climate talks that kicked off Monday as potentially the last chance to make a meaningful impact on combating climate change. What the world needs to agree on, Obama told the 150-odd other world leaders gathered in Paris for the two-week conference, is “not a stopgap solution, but a long term strategy that gives the world confidence in a low-carbon future.”

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The Climate Talks in Paris Might Actually Work This Time

United Nations climate talks set to begin in Paris next week promise to produce a landmark deal that has eluded diplomats for more than two decades. All of the Group of 20 nations, including the biggest developing countries — China, India and Brazil — have prepared to limit emissions into the next decade. Plunging costs for wind and solar power mean alternatives to fossil fuels are more viable.

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Climate Deal To Go Up In Smoke

In December, 196 countries signed an agreement in Lima, Peru, promising to pledge what they can to cut greenhouse gas pollution… To keep these countries on track, the climate change conference agreed that as many nations as possible would submit their proposals before March 31. Most of the world is about to blow past the deadline.

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Can We Save Our Oceans?

The seas’ destruction is much more than an aesthetic problem: the oceans’ economic role is also at stake. Healthy seas provide food, jobs, health, and recreation for countless people. They are also a potential source of clean energy, new medicines, and cures for diseases.

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Blaming India

No country has done more than India to stall progress on international climate negotiations during the past two months.

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