For long, coverage of foreign policy had been static and uni-dimensional. Given that we are now living in a far dynamic and flatter world where information and money flows are faster than ever, there is a need to take a fresh look at how nations engage with each other. It’s now about soft power, geonomics and public diplomacy. It’s also about leaders who have to fight a lot many more economic battles than their predecessors. It’s about a new world where Internet rules and where governments have to worry about cyber security, Internet wars and digital reputation; where social media triggers social change, and where individuals have a powerful voice that governments need to heed and fear. This blog brings together ideas that reflect and perfect the new world. It is a compendium of all the new things that foreign policy experts have to deal with and practise today. Let us know what you think about its content and feel free to comment. After all, it is a good debate that generates good ideas.

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