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The Unraveling Of Donald Trump

Photo courtesy: White House Flickr

The boiling mind of Trump has spawned a cottage industry for cognitive experts who have questioned whether he is, well, all there. But as the impeachment inquiry barrels ahead on Capitol Hill, several associates of the president, including former White House aides, worry that his behavior is likely to get worse. Angered by the proceedings, unencumbered by aides willing to question his judgment, and more and more isolated in the West Wing, Trump is apt to lash out more at enemies imagined and real…

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When Politicians Play Web Designers

The term “dark patterns” does draw attention to maliciously intentioned organizations that hoover user data, counter to their users’ needs. Most of these regulatory proposals, however, fail to recognize that dark patterns are only a subset of opinionated design that guide users toward a goal in a particular way. Most good design is opinionated.

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As China Surges, Europe Is On The Menu

China’s naval expansion and commercial push into Europe are aimed at redefining the global trade and security system to the detriment of the democratic West. Europe and the U.S. need to wake up to the challenge.

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The Developing World’s Water crisis has Arrived

Developing economies across Asia, Africa and South America, known as the Global South, are steadily running out of drinking water and accessing what is available is blowing a major hole in household budgets, a study across 15 cities has revealed. The study says the water crisis is severely “underestimated” and privatising water supplies in some places has exacerbated the problem.

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A Kashmir Reading List

Kashmir is in news again. There is a newly minted section on the issues and debate around Kashmir now available to readers. Please click on Kashmir up in the menu to read some of the latest articles. Also check out the Video and the Books section.

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Foreign investment In America, A Driver Of Jobs, Is Declining

America is a money magnet. And one of the more powerful forces driving the US economy has long been investment in American businesses from other countries. But foreign direct investment in the United States has declined significantly over the past two years. There are several reasons: President Donald Trump’s go-it-alone trade policies, economic uncertainty, and the overall slowdown in global growth have stemmed the flow of foreign money into the United States.

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China Ups Rhetoric, Warns Of Signs Of ‘Terrorism’ In HK Protests

China has ratcheted up its rhetoric towards Hong Kong’s months-long protest movement, warning that violent anti-government demonstrations were the first signs of “terrorism” and called for the “severe” punishment of perpetrators. The escalating comments by Beijing’s top office on Hong Kong policy came a day after tense clashes between police and protesters, and came as thousands of demonstrators on Monday flooded the city’s international airport and prompted the cancellation of all flights.

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Twitter Ambassador Trump’s Terrifying Tweets And The Bad New World

Mr Jack Dorsey might have his political views and Mr Donald Trump might have many twigs to pick with Twitter, but there should not be any argument over who’s the best ambassador and brand builder for the social media platform.

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The Middle East Comes To Sri Lanka

No one who has been paying attention to the rise of jihadist terrorism in Sri Lanka was surprised by the Easter Sunday suicide bombings. The Middle East has come to this Asian island nation.  Or, as Samuel Huntington might put it, Islam’s “bloody borders” are moving eastward.

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Richard Holbrooke and the Decline Of American Power

One of the most celebrated diplomats of his generation, Richard Holbrooke helped normalise U.S. relations with China; served as U.S. ambassador to a newly reunified Germany and then to the United Nations; and, most famously, negotiated the 1995 Dayton peace agreement that ended the war in Bosnia. But he began and ended his career struggling with how to resolve two American wars: first in Vietnam, then in Afghanistan.

Read Here – Foreign Affairs

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