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Can Janet Yellen Rebuild The U.S. Economy?

Even if vaccine relief to the U.S. economy were to occur by the spring of next year, Yellen will still have to address problems from the pandemic’s serious scarring to the U.S. economy.

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Quad 2.0 Is Off To A Good Start – It Must Keep Going

The Quad was conceived in an August 2007 meeting in Manila, held on the sidelines of ASEAN Regional Forum… It was widely perceived as a security forum to rein in the Chinese belligerence in the Indo-Pacific and re-establish a rule-based international order.

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Why America Must Lead Again

As president, I will take immediate steps to renew U.S. democracy and alliances, protect the United States’ economic future, and once more have America lead the world. This is not a moment for fear. This is the time to tap the strength and audacity that took us to victory in two world wars and brought down the Iron Curtain, Joe Biden wrote earlier this year.

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China’s Fifth Plenum: Old Goals And Shifting Priorities

China’s fifth plenum communique has all the hallmarks of retro Soviet oratory combined with all the future path-dependencies of the Amstrad computer. While innovation in science and technology goals remain important, critical policy areas are being downgraded or ignored as the planning stages of the 14th Five-Year Plan near completion.

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Chinese Communist Party Wraps Up Top Policy Meeting By Outlining Plans For Nation To Become Greater Power

The Chinese Communist Party leadership has wrapped up the fifth plenum – its most important political meeting – where the discussions focused on how China can steady its course of development at a time when the world is at a crossroads.

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China Learns The Hard Way That Money Can’t Buy You Love

China has long had Australia in its sights, and money is its favoured weapon. China accounts for roughly a third of Australia’s export earnings. Until recently, it was also a big investor in Australia… Yet the proportion of Australians who hold a favourable view of China has plummeted from 64 percent to just 15 percent over the last three years, according to a Pew Global Attitudes poll released last week.

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U.S. At Risk of Being Outpaced by China, A New Intel Committee Report Finds

Unless the U.S. intelligence community is overhauled to meet the complex threat posed by China, the United States is at risk of being unable to protect the nation’s health and security and compete with Beijing on the world stage, according to a new report released Wednesday by the House Intelligence Committee.

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‘Writing is on The Wall’ For Saudi-Israel Peace

When the Crown Prince of Bahrain and the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on Tuesday, they will not only be inking normalisation accords, they will be setting the stage for an even bigger prize: peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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Donald Trump Isn’t Richard Nixon. He’s Jimmy Carter

As the Republican National Convention gets underway, some commentators have taken to comparing Donald Trump to Richard Nixon… But there’s a better comparison to a prior president; if Trump resembles any 1970s politician, it isn’t Nixon—it’s Jimmy Carter.

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Iran’s Pact With China Is Bad News For The West

China’s growing influence in East Asia and Africa has challenged U.S. interests, and the Middle East is the next battlefield on which Beijing can challenge U.S. hegemony—this time through Iran. China’s growing influence in East Asia and Africa has challenged U.S. interests, and the Middle East is the next battlefield on which Beijing can challenge U.S. hegemony—this time through Iran.

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