looking beyond borders

foreign policy and global economy

Key Reading

Top Risks 2017: The Geopolitical Recession

China’s Big Bet on Soft Power

Riyadh Declaration: Arab-Islamic-US Summit builds close partnership

Resource Extraction And Violent Extremism In Africa

The China–North Korea Relationship

The state of major arms transfers in 8 graphics

Brexit White Paper

Mapped: America’s Collective Defense Agreements

See Where Donald Trump Wants to Take U.S. Foreign Policy

Global Nuclear Power Database

Paradox of Progress: Global Trends Report 2017

Strategic Choices for a Turbulent World – Rand Corp.

The United States and China at the Outset of the Trump Era: A Rocky Start, with Far-Reaching Potential

Stratfor 2017 Annual Forecast

Sectarian Dilemmas in Iranian Foreign Policy: When Strategy and Identity Politics Collide

Pakistan–China: strategic partnership means business

Saudi Arabia and 9/11: Establishing the Truth Behind the Release of the 28 Pages and the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act”

U.S. Department of Defense – Information Technology Environment

The World Nuclear Industry – Status Report 2016

The Chilcot Report on Iraq – Executive Summary

Fragile States Index 2016: Foreign Policy

Into Africa: China’s global security shift

China’s One Belt, One Road Document

Saudi Vision 2030

Global Monetary Policy Tracker

Global Conflict Tracker

Global Diplomacy Index 2016

Kissinger’s Vision For U.S.-Russia Relations

A Brief History of Balochistan

Middle East – The Economic Effects of War and Peace – The World Bank

Global Conflict Tracker

World Outlook for 2016

Prospects for the Global Economy in 2016

Foreign Affairs Best Of 2015 Anthology

Foreign Policy’s 100 Leading Thinkers (2015)

The Believer – Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Leader Of The Islamic State

A Deadly Triangle – Afghanistan, Pakistan & India

The Chinese Communist Party – Backgrounder

The Radio Broadcast That Ended World War II

China Global Investment Tracker

Tackling Asia’s Greatest Challenges – U.S., Japan, Vietnam Trilateral Report

The U.S. Department of Defense Cyber Strategy

U.S.-China 21 The Future of U.S.-China Relations Under Xi Jinping – Harvard Kennedy School

A ‘New Cold War’? Abusing History, Misunderstanding Russia – Chatham House 

Conflicting Aims, Limited Means: Russia In The Middle East – Read Here

A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower – U.S. Navy – Read Here

The Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family – Read Here

Backgrounder on ISIS – Read Here

US Defense Department Report on China 2014 – Read Here

RUSI Report On Foundations of Defence-Industrial Cooperation Between Western States and Emerging Powers – Read Here


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