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The Resurgence Of The Rest

The 2020s now appear likely to unfold as a typical postwar decade, with some emerging economies falling, others rising, and a few standing out as genuine stars. A few will continue to rise to prosperity through the tried-and-true method of export manufacturing.

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The Price Of The Stuff That Makes Everything Is Surging

The prices of raw materials used to make almost everything are skyrocketing, and the upward trajectory looks set to continue as the world economy roars back to life. From steel and copper to corn and lumber, commodities started 2021 with a bang, surging to levels not seen for years. 

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The New Age Of Autarky

The most striking geopolitical feature of the past four years has not been bipolarity or multipolarity—or even great-power conflict. It has been the spectacle of major economies pursuing self-sufficiency and a partial retreat from globalization…

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How An Overheated U.S. Economy Could Create Chaos

This year’s recently released U.S. Treasury Foreign Exchange Report reads like Hamlet would read if we excluded the Prince of Denmark. In seeking the sources for world external imbalances and for global currency misalignments, the Treasury looks everywhere other than where the main source of these imbalances now resides.

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Are We Risking A Debt Pandemic?

The prospect of recovery from the COVID-19 crisis makes it all the more urgent to have a firm vision of how the burden of public debt can be reduced once the coronavirus has been vanquished. For this reason, every country must work on itself and strive to maintain budgetary discipline.

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China Still Needs Expansionary Economic Policy

To consolidate its post-pandemic growth momentum in 2021, China should not be in a rush to exit from expansionary fiscal and monetary policy. The government may have to issue more bonds than planned, and the People’s Bank of China may need to implement quantitative easing to facilitate this.

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China’s Trade Rebound Continues As Imports Surge In March, Exports Up

China’s imports and exports continued their strong rebound in March, data released on Tuesday showed.Exports grew by 30.6 per cent last month from a year earlier to US$241.13 billion, down from the 60.6 per cent seen in January and February, and below the median result of a survey of analysts conducted by Bloomberg, which predicted 38.1 per cent growth.

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Will The Boom Last?

After last year’s economic collapse, the prospects for a strong cyclical recovery have always been strong. And judging by a series of must-watch high-frequency indicators, the long-awaited boom has arrived and seems likely to continue building – at least in the near term.

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Stronger Recovery Seen For Global Economy, Says IMF

Managing Divergent Recoveries

It is one year into the COVID-19 pandemic and the global community still confronts extreme social and economic strain as the human toll rises and millions remain unemployed. Yet, even with high uncertainty about the path of the pandemic, a way out of this health and economic crisis is increasingly visible.

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