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What Could Biden’s Divided United States Mean For China?

Beijing can expect American social divisions to play into the next US administration’s policies on China, diplomatic observers said as Chinese state media kept up its portrayal of the United States as “messed up” and “torn apart” society.

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How The U.S. Misread China’s Xi: Hoping For A Globalist, It Got An Autocrat

Mr. Xi’s swift reversal of more than three decades of apparent movement toward collective leadership and a less intrusive party has surprised both U.S. officials and much of the Chinese elite. In hindsight, though, the roots of his approach are visible in key episodes of his life.

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How 2020 Shaped U.S.-China Relations

U.S.-China relations sharply deteriorated in 2020, after three years of steadily declining under the Donald J. Trump administration. Beijing and Washington traded blame over the coronavirus pandemic, remained locked in a trade war, competed over 5G networks and other technologies, and clashed over rights abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, among other issues.

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Tibet Bill Passes Congress After Being Added To US Spending Bill

The act directs the US government to issue economic and visa sanctions against any Chinese official who interferes with the Dalai Lama’s succession. The bill also prohibits China from establishing any new consulates in the US until Washington is granted its own diplomatic outpost in Tibet.

Read Here | South China Morning Post

Leave Donald Trump’s Triumphant Taiwan Policy Alone

Joe Biden should follow the course set by Donald Trump; there should be no U-turn based on naive hopes that goodwill can temper President Xi Jinping’s growing and increasingly impatient desire to pressure Taiwan into capitulation.

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What Biden Will And Won’t Do For Pakistan

The transition from US President Donald Trump to Joe Biden inspires equal measures of hope and fear in Pakistan given the president-elect’s expressed views on rights, equality and democracy. Analysts say Pakistan’s ability to balance ties with the US and China amid growing friction between the two superpowers will also set the tone for the US policy toward Pakistan under Biden.

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How Might China Test The New Joe Biden Administration?

As the likelihood of a US-China reset increases despite the distracting drama over President Donald Trump’s White House departure, former intelligence officials and foreign policy analysts are gaming how Beijing could test the mettle of the incoming Biden administration for weakness and opportunity.

Read Here | South China Morning Post

Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is Trump’s Gift To Joe Biden

For Biden, the Trump decision was a move he might have made more than ten years ago, when he thought it was his duty to keep a young president from being rolled by the guys with the stars on their shoulders.

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Division Or Dialogue with China?

Joe Biden’s presidency amounts to a golden opportunity to initiate a direct and honest dialogue with China on issues that require constructive engagement. But time is of the essence. If Biden begins his term by choosing division over dialogue, changing course will soon become difficult, if not impossible.

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A Roadmap For Stabilising Sino-American Relations

Given the current bipartisan US antipathy toward China, President-elect Joe Biden is unlikely to change the fundamental tenets of President Donald Trump’s hard-line policy. But if Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping each invest a modest amount of political capital, they may be able to de-escalate bilateral tensions.

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