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Washington Set To Deliver $2.2 Trillion Virus Rescue Bill

With rare bipartisanship and speed, Washington is about to deliver massive, unprecedented legislation to speed help to individuals and businesses as the coronavirus pandemic takes a devastating toll on the U.S. economy and health care system. The House is set to pass the sprawling, $2.2 trillion measure Friday morning after an extraordinary 96-0 Senate vote late Wednesday. President Donald Trump marvelled at the unanimity and is eager to sign the package into law.

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COVID-19’s Painful Lesson About Strategy And Power

The new threat to America’s security is not just from transnational forces like COVID-19 and climate change, but from Americans’ domestic failure to adjust their own attitudes to this new world. That is the painful lesson that COVID-19 is teaching us.

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In A National Emergency, Presidential Competence Is Crucial

In a national emergency, the president has many legal authorities, most of which are adequate to the job. But Donald Trump is inadequate to do the job. He is a president who lacks familiarity with how government works at any level—especially the federal government and especially during a crisis…The result has been on full display during the coronavirus pandemic: chaos and incompetence.

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Great Power Competition After the Coronavirus Crisis: What Should America Do?

Sooner or later, the world will bend the curve on the coronavirus, and the great power competition will pick up where it left off. The time to start assessing what that means for U.S. foreign and security policy in a post-pandemic world starts now. Washington ought to turn its attention first to those parts of the world most vital to U.S. interests.

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The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order

Global orders have a tendency to change gradually at first and then all at once. In 1956, a botched intervention in the Suez laid bare the decay in British power and marked the end of the United Kingdom’s reign as a global power. Today, U.S. policymakers should recognize that if the United States does not rise to meet the moment, the coronavirus pandemic could mark another “Suez moment.”

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Why Some Democrats Worry The Coronavirus Could Help Trump Win Re-election

Trump has time on his side, with the coronavirus spreading early in the election cycle. This week, the Republican president adopted a more somber tone, and some Democrats are beginning to worry that he could mould the narrative to his benefit. A massive stimulus, including direct payments to Americans, could help him in November.

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Covid-19 Is Spreading Rapidly In America. The Country Does Not Look Ready

When a new disease first took hold in Wuhan, the Chinese authorities did not have the luxury of advanced notice. America, by contrast, had the luxury of several weeks’ notice. Yet the crucial early weeks when it could have prepared for the spread of the disease were squandered, in a country with some of the world’s best epidemiologists and physicians.

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Trump, Germaphobe In Chief, Struggles To Control The Covid-19 Story

Ever since the coronavirus exploded outside of China at the end of January, Donald Trump has treated the public health crisis as a media war that he could win with the right messaging. But with cases now documented in 34 states and markets plunging, Republicans close to Trump fear his rosy assessments are fundamentally detached from reality in ways that will make the epidemic worse. “He is trying to control the narrative and he can’t,” a former West Wing official said.

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In Crisis, Trump Team Sees A Chance To Achieve Long-Sought Goals

President Donald Trump and his team are talking up the opportunity to finally achieve stricter border security, wider tax cuts and reduced reliance on Chinese manufacturing amid the spread of the coronavirus throughout the U.S. Some officials see it as a narrow opening to offset the political damage from the coronavirus outbreak and deliver — or at least, talk about — some of the president’s longstanding promises.

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Joe Biden Is No Hillary Clinton

He has the same thing in common with Hillary as every other Democrat does: his party affiliation. To be sure, that is one thing that distinguishes him from Sanders and many of Sanders’ voters.

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