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Japan’s Abandoned Land To Be Size Of Sri Lanka, Costing Country $52bn

Around 11% of Japan’s land is “unclaimed” — plots that cannot be traced back to their owners. The figure is expected to jump to 19% by 2040, according to an expert study group. To put that into perspective, currently 41,000 sq km of land, equivalent to the Japanese island of Kyushu, or slightly smaller than Taiwan, is unclaimed. That will expand to 72,000 sq km, equivalent to the bigger Japanese island of Hokkaido, or larger than Sri Lanka.

Read Here – Nikkei Asian Review


Japan’s Arms Merchants Are Off To A Rocky Start

When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government redrew Japan’s self-imposed arms export restrictions in 2014, it hoped to spark a revolution in a domestic defense industry that had been isolated for almost 40 years. In part, it succeeded. In June, Japanese companies such as Fuji and Kawasaki Heavy Industries displayed military helicopters and warplanes at the Maritime Air Systems and Technologies Asia exhibition in Tokyo – still a rare event for the pacifist nation…

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The India-Japan Complimentarity

In many respects, a strategic and economic partnership with India could catalyze Japan’s renewal as a 21st century great power – one no longer as dependent on the United States, and one better diversified to compete with emerging economies.

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A Little Deflation Is Just FIne

The story of Japan these last 20 years, from the government to banks to companies, has involved keeping consumer prices steady. Deflation has acted like a stealth tax cut for households and restored some sobriety to costs.

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One-Party Rule Back In Japan, But Can Abe Blow It?

Sunday’s sweeping victory by the Liberal Democratic PartyNew Komeito ruling bloc in the Upper House election put an end to the divided Diet and hopefully to the “revolving door” of prime ministers over the past seven years, as ridiculed by foreign media. That is at least until the next Lower House election, which must be held within the next three years.

Read Here – Japan Times

Japan’s Silver Generation Needs See Gold

Japan has two problems: It is rapidly aging, and its older citizens will not let politicians do anything about it. The country’s leaders must start thinking less about elderly voters and more about young families, or Japan’s economic prospects will remain grim.

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Obama-Xi Summit Has Lessons For Japan

This style of summitry is in marked contrast to the recent bilateral meetings held between President Obama and his counterparts in Japan, America’s key ally in Asia. From the outset of Obama’s presidency, Japanese prime ministers have made a point of being the first in line among world leaders to meet with him at the White House.

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Gender Equality Key To Japan’s Economic Rebound

The lack of women in the workforce poses one of the biggest structural impediments to faster growth. Japan’s institutionalized sexism deepens deflation, hurts competitiveness and exacerbates the demographic trends that make Japan’s debt load so dangerous.

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Japan’s Outreach To Myanmar

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reportedly plans to visit Myanmar in late May. The last time a Japanese prime minister visited the county was in 1977 when Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda visited then Burma.

Mr. Abe should consider what kinds of concrete contributions he should make to help advance democratization in Myanmar.

Read Here – Japan Times

After Xi, It’s Abe’s Turn To Meet Putin

Shinzo Abe is making the first visit to Russia by a Japanese prime minister in a decade, seeking to shift an almost seven-decade-long stalemate over disputed islands and win more access to energy resources.

Abe is visiting Moscow for three days at President Vladimir Putin’s invitation and plans to meet the Russian leader today to discuss energy, trade and investment, the Kremlin said in an e- mailed statement. Japan is Russia’s second-biggest trading partner in Asia after China, with turnover rising 5.3 percent last year to $32 billion, ranking it behind Italy and Turkey, Russian government data show.

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