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Silk Road Wide Enough For China-US Cooperation

Over 2,000 years ago, the ancient Silk Road, a 7,000-km-long trade route created by camel-driving merchants, started to link China with Europe via central and west Asia. Today, the ancient invention still inspires both China and the United States when they work out their respective blueprints to promote regional development. Sprouting from the inspiration, the US “New Silk Road Initiative” with war-torn Afghanistan at the heart of a possible trade pathway between Asia and the West, and China’s “Belt and Road” initiatives proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping to boost trade and growth along and beyond the ancient Silk Road, have come into being. Experts say that Xi’s upcoming US visit in late September will offer a golden opportunity for China and the United States to review their versions of “Silk Road” initiative to see what they could do together.

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