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The Human Dimensions Of Climate Change In Asia And The Pacific


Of Reality And Dreams…

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for efforts to create and fulfil an Asia-Pacific dream, saying China’s economy will bring huge opportunities and benefits to the region and the world. Addressing the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit, which attracted over 1,500 business people from 21 APEC member economies and 17 other countries and regions, Xi said Asia-Pacific region has a strong impetus for development and a bright future, with a rising standing in the world, but it now stood “at a crossroads.”

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China’s Air Zone Raises Diplomatic Temperature

With distrust of China growing, many countries in Asia-Pacific are actively strengthening their diplomatic alliances, particularly with US, in a bid to balance Beijing’s growing economic and military clout

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No Case For Non-Interference

China’s international role is changing. But the country is struggling to reconcile its traditional foreign policy of non-interference with its growing economic presence around the world.

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China’s Afghan Conundrum

As NATO forces continue the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan, the People’s Republic of China finds itself in a conundrum. With tensions flaring throughout the Asia-Pacific, in part because of a more aggressive Chinese foreign policy, the last thing Beijing wants is to face a security risk along its western border.

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India And Its Bankrupt Security Policy

The Shangri-La Dialogue sets the compass for strategic ties in the Asia-Pacific region. India’s absence at the recent Singapore meet exposes the bankruptcy of its security policy, says Manoj Joshi

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Can Asia Urbanize Without Starving?

Is it a Malthusianism catastrophe, or the stuff of farmers’ dreams? With forecasts of Asian food demand doubling by 2050, will the Asia-Pacific’s expanding middle class make agriculture the new oil? Among those answering in the affirmative are commodities traders like Jim Rogers, who has warned of food riots and told investors to buy storable produce.

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The Great Strategic Triangle

The “Great Triangle” of the Asia-Pacific region formed by the United States, Russia, and China is particularly important in both geopolitical and military-strategic terms. The strategic arsenals and military programs of the two traditional superpowers and the steady buildup of the nuclear and missile capabilities of China, the newly emergent superpower of the twenty-first century, give global significance to the Great Triangle they form.

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Nuke Test Gives US ‘Excuse To Boost Its Military’

China urges caution and opposes moves that increase tension.

The United States and its allies may boost their military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, citing Pyongyang’s nuclear test, analysts said.

The comments came as China engaged in a flurry of diplomacy on Wednesday to ease regional tension.

“More drills by the US and its allies are possible in a bid to show their firm opposition to the nuclear test and other measures by Pyongyang they call provocative,” said Wang Fan, an expert on Korean studies at the China Foreign Affairs University.

Read Here – China Daily

The New Old Year

Any look back at 2012 would necessarily focus on three parts of the world: the eurozone, with its seemingly endless financial uncertainties; the Middle East, with its many upheavals, including, but hardly limited to, the Muslim Brotherhood’s accession to power in Egypt and Syria’s savage civil war, which has already claimed more than 60,000 lives; and the Asia-Pacific region, with its rising nationalism and political tensions after decades of being defined almost exclusively by extraordinary economic growth amid considerable political calm.

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