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I Wanted Ronald Reagan. India Kept Electing Bernie Sanders.

In some ways Mr. Modi has proved more statist than the Gandhis. Before he took power he criticised Congress welfare programs as insulting to the poor, who “do not want things for free” and really want “to work and earn a living.” As prime minister, Mr. Modi doubled down on the same programs, expanding the landmark 2006 act that guaranteed 100 days of pay to all rural workers, whether they worked or not.

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‘History made’: Clinton Claims Nomination

Hillary Clinton triumphantly claimed the Democratic nomination for president on Tuesday, calling for party unity to stop Donald Trump as she became the first woman in U.S. history to lead a major-party ticket.

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The Primary Quagmire

Hillary Clinton may have turned her focus to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, but at the same time her campaign is forced to continue fighting a rear-guard action against Bernie Sanders, who shows no sign of surrender.

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The Five Ways U.S. Politics Changed After Paris

Elections aren’t just about policy, candidates or the national mood – they are about events, by their nature unanticipated, that shift the paradigm of a race. The massacre in Paris, which portends a widening threat here and an expanding conflict in Syria and Iraq, has sobered up the campaign in a hurry (though not entirely) – with hard-to-predict implications.

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Clinton Crushes It

The first debate was the Hillary and Bernie Show, and Hillary received top billing. Not only was Hillary Clinton on the receiving end of the night’s biggest gift — her rival, Bernie Sanders, declaring it time for people to shut up about her email scandal — she also delivered some of the evening’s most stinging retorts.

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The Trials Of Jeb Bush

If you’re following the 2016 Presidential campaign closely (and, at this early stage, I’m not suggesting that’s necessary), you’ll find an interesting subplot. While much of the media is focussing on the rise of Donald Trump and, to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders, the two pre-race favorites, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, are continuing to focus on each other.

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