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Here’s What Must Change To Keep Asia’s Rise Peaceful

The biggest risk of conflict in the twenty-first century stems from not settling the conflicts of the twentieth century. Can Asians embrace a cartographic pragmatism similar to what they have achieved in the economic and social spheres?

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Pakistan’s Afghan Problem

It is an indicator of how peculiar the Pakistani psyche is that we have never truly reconciled to our geographical inheritance. Having insisted on carving out a country from the ruins of the British Raj, we then proceeded to engage ourselves in an unending quarrel with the folks next door, which in a strange way threw — and continues to throw — the whole project of Pakistani nationhood into doubt, writes Assim Sajjad Akhtar

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China-U.S. Ties: The Missing Trust

A survey finds that there is low level of strategic trust between the United States and China, which could make bilateral relations more turbulent.

Read Here – Carnegie Endowment For International Peace

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