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China’s Navy Could Soon Have An Aircraft Carrier Battle Group

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is a step closer to achieving its goal of deploying a full-scale aircraft carrier battle group. In recent days, China’s first indigenously built aircraft carrier, Shandong, embarked on its second set of sea trials. Meanwhile, the PLAN also started sea trials for the first of its massive new Type 055 guided-missile destroyers , reportedly called Nanchang, on August 24.

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India’s Tryst With Blue Waters

On November 16, the Indian Navy finally took delivery of aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, formerly the Adm. Gorshkov, at Sevmash Shipyard in northern Russia’s Severodvinsk town. The acquisition marks a new phase in India’s quest to become a true blue-water navy.

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China’s Maritime Worries

As a rising power, China’s current naval capability does not match the country’s developments. China’s strengthening of muscles and increasing expenses in building sea power have not exceeded the normal level, and accordingly, should not be questioned or blamed.

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Is China In A Maritime Race?

In recent years, China has developed a much more assertive maritime policy. But it would be a dangerous mistake for its neighbors to see an arms race where none currently exists.

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Recipe For Disaster

The policy of a nation, Napoleon once quipped, can be read in its geography. For much of human history, the verity of such an assertion would have appeared self-evident. After all, what is geostrategy if not a state’s chosen response to a preexisting spatial reality?

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