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Anwar Predicts Seamless Ouster of Malaysia Government’s 55 Years

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who was jailed for corruption and sodomy, predicted a smooth transition when his coalition ousts the government that has ruled Malaysia for 55 years in elections that may be held within weeks.

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Australia and India: Common Goals, Budding Partnership

A serious strategic partnership between Australia and India has long been a missing link in the security architecture of Indo-Pacific Asia. Now the gap is at last being filled, if a high-level visit this week is anything to go by.

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr was in New Delhi on January 21st and 22nd, to follow up the visit by Prime Minister Julia Gillard last October, which itself had heralded a breakthrough in ties between these two Indian Ocean democracies.  Carr’s talks with his Indian counterpart Salman Khurshid had a strong security focus.

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The Currency of Power

Earlier this year, Bob Carr, Australia’s foreign minister and a longtime friend of the United States, observed with Aussie clarity: “The United States is one budget deal away from restoring its global preeminence.” He added a caution: “There are powers in the Asia-Pacific that are whispering that this time the United States will not get its act together, so others had best attend to them.”

Carr’s insight — that the connection between economics and security will determine America’s future — is sound and persuasive. Yet ever since the rise of “national security” as a concept at the start of the Cold War, economics has become the unappreciated subordinate of U.S. foreign policy. Today, the power of deficits, debt, and economic trend lines to shape security is staring the United States in the face. Others see it, even if America does not.

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Australian Labor Party Seeks Tighter China Ties In New Bob Carr Plan

LABOR is pursuing a dramatic upgrading of Australia‘s relationship with China that would put diplomatic ties between Canberra and Beijing on a similar footing to relations with the US, Japan and IndonesiaForeign Minister Bob Carr revealed yesterday that he had sent the head of his department, Dennis Richardson, to Beijing last month to propose the new arrangements, which would include an annual leaders’ summit.

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