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Modi’s Nixonian Pragmatism Refreshes Ties

There is indeed competition and a lack of mutual strategic trust between the two rapidly emerging Asian powers. Over the past year, India, under the Modi administration, has become a star on the world stage. Modi’s victory in the country’s general elections last May has injected enormous confidence into India’s economic development as well as offering hope to the US, Japan and other nations attempting to take advantage of New Delhi to contain China.

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China’s Take On Modi’s US Visit: India Doesn’t Matter

In fact, no matter how close the relationship between India and the U.S. grows, India willnot be a major player on the American team. The ‘rebalancing’ strategy consists of threeparts – politics, economy and security. However, Indian national power is not sufficientlystrong in any one of the three aspects.

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Can India And China Be Friends?

China has lots of capital, and India needs to build a huge amount of infrastructure. But, as ever, something that seems simple on the surface is made considerably murkier due to politics. Of the many contested land borders the People’s Republic of China had when established in 1949, many of the remaining ones are with India.

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Is A Borderless World For Real?

Ecuador, inspired by a vision of a pre-modern world with more freedom to wander, has been experimenting in recent years with making political boundaries more flexible. It’s one of the world’s boldest contemporary efforts to reinvent human migration. Is it working?

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A Chinese Proposal India Can Say No To?

According to a report in India’s Economic Times, China has offered to finance a large portion of India’s infrastructure development via loans.  The investment would amount to 30 percent of India’s planned infrastructure spending through 2017. For comparison, China contributed a mere 0.15 percent of India’s total FDI inflows between April 2000 and December 2013. India has in the past refused Chinese investment in critical infrastructure, particularly telecom and power, over national security concerns.

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Africa’s Emerging Border War

On both sides of the border between Sudan and South Sudan, rebels and minority groups insist that the demarcation is in the wrong place. Mediators have insisted that the new line become a soft border, one that gives freedom of movement, trade, residence, farming, and grazing to all.

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Mirror Images?

India and China are neighbors with vexed relations. The most that can be said about them is that they share almost equal measures of mutual incomprehension.

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Looking Beyond Pakistan?

For years the Indian security establishment has been excessively obsessed with Pakistan and the proxy war it has waged against India. Over the past half a dozen years, the focus has gradually shifted to meeting the rising challenge posed by China’s rising military capabilities in Tibet.

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