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Russia’s Deep State Holds The Key To Succession

Putin’s single biggest achievement in two decades in power—his true legacy—has been to re-empower the state bureaucracy…No part of this bureaucratic apparatus matters more than the national security establishment—the vast, hydra-headed complex of military, intelligence, and law enforcement ministries. These institutions may well determine not only who becomes the next president of Russia but what Russian politics will look like after Putin.

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In Russia, Perestroika Has Won After All

Contrary to what incompetent propagandists keep saying, it was not Gorbachev who ruined the Soviet Union, but the top of the state machinery who revolted against his democratic reforms. Boris Yeltsin’s deadly enmity played a disastrous role. Leonid Kravchuk, the former ideology chief of the Communist Party in Ukraine, made the second largest personal contribution to the breakup of the Soviet Union. Ancient Romans in such cases used to ask “Cui bono?” (“To whose benefit?”). It was the top tier of the political and economic bureaucracy that benefited the most from the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Europe And Its God

One of Pope Benedict XVI’s big concerns as pontiff was the decline of Christianity in Europe as secularization has spread. For instance, he regretted that, despite strong Vatican pressure, the drafters of the EU Constitution had not seen fit to include anywhere a reference to Europe’s Christian roots.

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Britain’s “20-Year Generational Battle”

Britain’s most senior civil servant says the country is in a 20-yer generational battle to re-balance the economy and return the nation to financial health.

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Facing Austerity, Europe’s Bureaucrats Chafe

Workers protesting austerity on the streets of southern Europe weren’t to know it, but earlier this month there was also a strike at the heart of the European Union – by bureaucrats fighting possible cuts.

For an increasing number of Europeans, cuts in Brussels are what is needed.

The European capital has told member states to reduce spending, but as millions in Spain, Portugal and Greece feel the pain in pay, pensions, and social services, people are looking to the centre and finding what looks like fat.

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The Quality Of Pakistan’s Government Will Never Be Better Than The Quality Of Its Civil Servants. More Than Other Reforms, Improving The Country’s Bureaucracy, Will Put Pakistan On The Right Course.

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