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Iran’s Chabahar Port Promise And The Nuclear Deal Threat

Iran has launched one of its major post-nuclear deal projects – the port of Chabahar – pushing further for engagement with the global community, days before the US Congress’ expected decision on whether Washington will pull out of the landmark international accord.

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Does India’s Chabahar Deal Make Sense?

Chabahar’s principal attraction over Bandar Abbas appears to be its relative proximity to Afghanistan, especially once the Chabahar-Zahedan railroad is complete. Afghanistan is the one country in the region where India beats China in terms of exports, despite the unreliability of passage through Pakistan; the Indian and Afghan governments are anxious to build closer economic ties. But trade with Afghanistan presents numerous complications beyond the simple movement of goods.

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Gwadar, Chabahar And Dubai

By far, Gwadar is a decade ahead of Chabahar in terms of development and higher brand recognition among the maritime industry. Iran’s belligerent security posturing and interventionist policies of harbouring non-state actors in Muslim countries constantly put her at the risk of war as well as sanctions. Chabahar is and continues to be a fishing port and does not match Gwadar, which is a natural harbour and the deepest in Asia, with little need for continuous dredging.

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Indian Deal With Iran Shows Commitment To Infrastructure That Will Benefit China too

What matters more is that India is now willing to make an active contribution to promoting regional infrastructure development. In this regard, China is unlikely to engage in strategic confrontation with India. It is clear that the improvement of infrastructure in Central Asia will also provide opportunities for Chinese multinational corporations, which hope to find potential overseas markets in the region.
China and India will both play a vital role in promoting infrastructure development in Asia. In fact, the two countries have begun to seek cooperation with each other in this regard via the China-proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

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Regional Plans

The port at Chabahar and the attendant road infrastructure being built by India, Iran and Afghanistan is not an event to turn our backs on. There is every reason for Pakistan to ask for a place on that table. The possibilities that regional cooperation open up are far too great to be sacrificed at the altar of geopolitics, writes Khurram Husain.

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The International Context Of Narendra Modi’s Iran Visit

New Delhi has invested heavily in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit but it is going to be equally closely tracked in three world capitals – Islamabad, Beijing and Riyadh.

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Modi flies To Iran To Wrap Up Pacts On Connectivity And Energy


On Monday, the leadership of India, Iran and Afghanistan will get together to finally operationalise the much-anticipated Chabahar agreement. Beyond the geo-strategic agenda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day visit will also bring back Iran as an important actor in India’s energy security, finding solutions to clogged banking channels and untapping the Farzad-B gas field.

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