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China Should Prepare For More Vitriol From Donald Trump After Threat To Sever Ties

China should prepare for more inflammatory comments from US President Donald Trump and his team as relations between the two countries come under increasing pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic recession it created, according to observers.

Read Here – South China Morning Post

The Great Decoupling

The threat of a great decoupling is a potentially historic break, an interruption perhaps only comparable to the sudden sundering of the first huge wave of globalisation in 1914, when deeply intertwined economies such as Britain and Germany, and later the United States, threw themselves into a barrage of self-destruction and economic nationalism that didn’t stop for 30 years. This time, though, decoupling is driven not by war but by peacetime populist urges, exacerbated by a global coronavirus pandemic that has shaken decades of faith in the wisdom of international supply chains and the virtues of a global economy.

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Haunted By A Phantom, China Fights A Modern-Day Siege

The Boxer Protocol was an unequal treaty that recognised the right of foreign powers to station troops in China. Many believe it precipitated the fall of the Qing dynasty. The memories are bitter. But China today is the world’s second-largest economy, and a global power that is feared by others. It cannot continue to be haunted by the phantom of an Eight Nation Alliance that causes it to lash out at other countries with angry criticism and retaliatory measures for perceived slights.

Read Here – Nikkei Asian Review

What Does Washington Want From China?

The United States once built an international order that all but assured its own primacy. Yet of late, it has changed jobs from that of chief architect and builder to chief arsonist. The new U.S. narrative is one of victimisation—at the hands of everybody, but especially the Chinese—and Washington seems to want to burn the whole edifice down.

Read Here – Foreign Affairs

Shaping India’s Response In A Global Hinge Moment

The more India rises, the more it must expect Chinese opposition, and it will have to also work with other powers to ensure that its interests are protected in the neighbourhood, the region and the world. The balance will keep shifting between cooperation and competition with China, both of which characterise that relationship.

Read Here – The Hindu

Is Pakistan Nothing More than A Colony Of China?

Pakistanis may soon die en masse for China’s interests, and the Pakistani government may allow it to happen. At issue is the nature of how Pakistan’s leaders have shifted their alliance partners from the United States to China. That the U.S.-Pakistan relationship has plummeted in recent years should not surprise. Pakistan was long an American Cold War ally but it was a partnership of last resort for both countries.

Read Here – The National Interest

World Power Being Redistributed

Welcome to a new world, a world shared between the rising superpower of China and the established superpower of the United States, as the coronavirus crisis accelerates competition and intensifies tension in a battle that has been simmering for some time.

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‘Not the World’s Number One’: Chinese Social Media Piles On The U.S.

…to Chinese authorities, the audience at home is the one that really matters, and among that vast cohort, the verdict is unsparing: China has outperformed, while America has disastrously faltered. It’s a sentiment shared by even educated, internationalised Chinese observers — the very group once inclined to look to America as an exemplar.

Read Here – Politico

The Threat Of Enfeebled Great Powers

In today’s G-minus-2 world, both the United States and China are providing bad leadership. By further weakening the internal cohesion of the world’s leading powers, the COVID-19 crisis threatens to leave the world even more rudderless, unstable, and conflict-prone.

Read Here – Project Syndicate

Africa Has A Question For Beijing: Will You Forgive Us Our Debt?

African states expect a devastating impact on their economies this year from the Covid-19 pandemic and are appealing for relief from repayments on billions of dollars in outstanding debt to cope. Most of those appeals involve China, the biggest lender to the continent, but it is unclear how Beijing will respond.

Read Here – South China Morning Post

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