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Let David Cameron Have His Moment Of Glory. The Plotters Await

Cameron may have felled three political opponents but he will be under no illusion of the storms ahead. They are awesome. A man who is said “to make every crisis seem reasonable” will have that talent sorely tried. His commitment has recently seemed almost half-hearted, culminating in the lacklustre start to his re-election. Only in the final burst did he show real passion. We shall never know if this is what did the trick.

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Facebook Needs a Dislike Button for Abe’s Ideas

For Shinzo Abe, it isn’t enough to see Sony Corp. and Panasonic Corp., two icons of industrialJapan, reduced to junk-debt status. The man who probably will become prime minister next month might do the same for the yen.

That is the upshot of his desire to browbeat the Bank of Japan into unlimited easing. Granted, his Liberal Democratic Party did that for most of the half-century it was in power until 2009. But Abe’s designs on the BOJ smack of a monetary jihad that would do more harm than good.

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