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The True Power Of Trump’s Tweets

President Donald Trump’s mastery of mass communication is unprecedented in our history. Within an hour after President Trump took the Oath of Office, he launched his first post–inauguration communication to millions of followers through his personal Twitter account. In the following weeks, Twitter would become the president’s chosen medium for projecting policy, announcing personnel movements, and settling scores with leaders both domestically and abroad.

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Donald Trump’s Dark Art Of The Tweet

President Donald Trump’s critics have consistently underestimated his political communication skills, perhaps because he is so different from predecessors such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Both FDR and Reagan, after all, were known as “great communicators.”

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Western Democracy Under Pressure

As the football commentators might put it, it was a week of two speeches. I’m not generally one of those people who believe that a political speech is an actual event in the world: it’s only somebody talking, after all. A political leader can say pretty much anything, and however moving or courageous it sounds, the saying of it does not change the furniture of the universe. As W H Auden wrote, “poetry makes nothing happen”. But the two contributions last week were unusually significant, not just in terms of political rhetoric, but as real historical moves on the field of play.

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