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The Return Of Marco Polo’s World And The U.S. Military Response

As Europe disappears, Eurasia coheres. The supercontinent is becoming one fluid, comprehensible unit of trade and conflict, as the Westphalian system of states weakens and older, imperial legacies – Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Turkish – become paramount. Every crisis from Central Europe to the ethnic-Han Chinese heartland is now interlinked. There is one singular battlespace.

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Geoeconomics In Central Asia

Twenty-five years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Central Asia is a region of relative stability. There are, of course, security, economic, and social challenges, which give local leaders sleepless nights; however, the narrative shift – from a troublesome region to an area of opportunity – is producing some surprising results.

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Interconnected World

What does global communication look like? One way to picture it is by mapping phone calls—specifically where they’re coming from and heading to.

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Connecting The World

It is a dream that will be eventually fulfilled and everybody, including foreign policy practitioners, needs to listen closely to what Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has to say because the world will be a very different place to live in when all of it is connected by the Internet.

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