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How Xi Jinping’s “Controlocracy” Lost Control

Although the global coronavirus epidemic has only recently made international headlines, some in China have known about it since the beginning of December. Thanks to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s high-tech dictatorship, that information was not made public, and the virus was allowed to take off.

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Public Anger Over Coronavirus Is Mounting. Will It Matter?

The coronavirus outbreak that exploded three weeks ago in the central Chinese city of Wuhan has prompted the most severe government actions in three decades. Cities are closed down, transport links broken, and tens of millions of people effectively quarantined. At a time when the Party and the leadership claim supremacy over every aspect of Chinese life, when Xi Jinping has been styled “Chairman of Everything” can they avoid blame for the regime’s failure to contain the virus? And how much will it matter to Xi’s future?

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How Much Could A New Virus Damage Beijing’s Legitimacy?

Compared to other political challenges that have drawn large amounts of international criticism over the past two years, ranging from the 2018 Constitutional Amendments to the Xinjiang and Hong Kong crises, the current situation constitutes a much more serious threat to the Party-state’s domestic legitimacy.

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The Coronavirus Is A Disease Of Chinese Autocracy

When China’s leaders finally declare victory against the outbreak of the new and deadly coronavirus, they will undoubtedly credit the Communist Party of China’s leadership. But the truth is just the opposite: the party is again responsible for this calamity.

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The Scary Virus

When the Black Death exploded in Arabia in the 14th century, killing an estimated third of the population, it spread across the Islamic world via infected religious pilgrims. Today, the Middle East is threatened with a new plague, one eponymously if not ominously named the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS-CoV, or MERS for short).

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