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‘My Dearest Fidel’: An ABC Journalist’s Secret Liaison With Fidel Castro

Howard’s trip to Havana in the winter of 1964 was pivotal in advancing one of the most unusual and consequential partnerships in the history of U.S.-Cuban relations. She became Castro’s leading American confidant, as well as his covert interlocutor with the White House—the key link in a top-secret back channel she singlehandedly established between Washington and Havana to explore the possibility of rapprochement in the aftermath of the Cuban missile crisis.

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Castro’s Legacy: How The Revolutionary Inspired And Appalled The World

932042-fidel-castroNo street bears his name and there is not a single statue in his honour but Fidel Castro did not want or need that type of recognition. From tip to tip, he made Cuba his living, breathing creation.

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Obama’s Cuban Revolution

With his decision to move toward normalized relations with the Castro regime, Obama forced a geopolitical transformation, a rare instance when a president can start and nearly finish so complete a change in foreign policy within his term in office. And he did it less with a pen and a phone than with a series of prods and the force of his personality.

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Obama And The Limits To His Visit To Cuba

President Barack Obama’s trip to Cuba on March 21 is not, as its critics contend, a vote of confidence in President Raul Castro’s government. It is simply an opportunity for Obama to acknowledge both the successes of his policy and its limits.

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John F. Kennedy’s Forgotten Crisis

1962 is remembered for the Cuban Missile Crisis, but the U.S. almost got involved in another war.

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It’s Not Middle East That’s Driving Obama’s Foreign Policy

With Burma, Cuba, and now Iran, the Obama administration has sought to put old fights behind it, freeing the U.S. government to focus on emerging challenges in Asia and the rise of China.

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The Long, Hard Drive To Havana

The face-to-face conversation between President Obama and his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, marked the most significant thaw in the two countries’ relationship in decades…However, the process of fully restoring ties will be long and difficult—if it succeeds at all.

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America’s 5 Biggest Foreign Policy Boo-Boos…

From Word War I to Iraq, it has always been about the United States poking its nose into other people’s business…

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China’s Big Dip In South America

Global Times

That Handshake In South Africa

This isn’t the first time U.S. and Cuban leaders have shaken hands, but that hasn’t stopped people from getting worked up.

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