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F-16s, Made In India

Lockheed Martin is offering to move its entire production line for the iconic fighter plane from Texas to India. That would be a second-best option for all involved. From a U.S. perspective, the optimal outcome would be to acquire India as an F-16 customer while continuing to produce the plane in Texas and keeping the associated jobs at home. From an Indian perspective, the best outcome would be the development of an indigenous fighter aircraft to avoid reliance on anyone else’s technology.

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Modi Keen To Delink Relations With Israel And Palestine

In a significant move, South Block is “actively considering” to schedule a stand-alone bilateral visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s to Israel and not to Palestine on the same trip,

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Why China Should Fear India’s Arms Sales To Vietnam (Think South China Sea)

India is poised to sell its sophisticated Akash missile defense system to Vietnam, the latest development in a broad strategic relationship that has grown rapidly in recent years and added a new twist to the spiralling power contest in the South China Sea.

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China To Expand Military Reach with A Fleet Of The World’s Largest Planes

The Soviets built a single Antonov An-225 cargo jet — the longest and heaviest airplane ever built — to carry the Buran space shuttle. Now China wants a fleet of them.

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Three Takeaways From Carter’s Recent Meeting With His Indian Counterpart

As close as India is ready to come to the United States, New Delhi does not desire a military alliance that would tie it to U.S. decision-making and military activities around the world.

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In China Defence Strategy, The Silent Message

The 9,000-word paper names only three countries — Japan, Taiwan and the US — and all three in confrontational terms. As India is not mentioned, does it mean China does not view it as a primary military concern? Indian defence officials see no clear message. They note an emphasis on “maritime preparation for military struggle”, where the Chinese Navy would become more active through a combination of “offshore waters defence” with “open seas protection”.

Read Here – The Indian Express

Phishing In Indian Waters

China’s government is probably behind an anonymous group that has been cyber-spying on Indian companies and officials for close to decade now, American security experts say…The report comes just weeks before India’s prime minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit China in May. Much of the cyber-spying done by the Chinese in India has been related to defence and military materials, FireEye said.

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India’s Guardians In The Sky

RNSS-1D is the fourth satellite in a planned seven-satellite Indian navigational system. IRNSS, set to be fully operational by mid-2016, will have a critical application for the Indian armed forces.

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That Loud, Hissing Sound…

Expectations that India’s prime minister would revolutionize a troubled economy overnight were wildly overblown. But three months on, even some Modi skeptics may be wondering if they have been too easy on the great modernizer from Gujarat. Since taking office, Modi has scuttled a global trade deal, sidestepped much-needed subsidy cuts, and refrained from letting foreigners hold majority stakes in key domestic sectors. He remains vague about the broader structural reforms partisans hoped he would inaugurate.

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Geopolitics Vs Globalization

Economic interdependence was supposed to defuse geopolitical tensions over time – or at least allow the two to be compartmentalized. But today the West is using Russia’s participation in the global economy to punish it for its actions in eastern Ukraine. The EU has announced sanctions  that will hit Russia in the banking, oil and defense industries.

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