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Why Will Mutti Win For The Third Time In Germany

Chancellor Merkel has run a bland re-election campaign. But that is exactly what voters were looking for. There are many reasons why she will win a third term on Sunday, but the primary one is her deep understanding of what the German electorate wants.

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50 Years After Kennedy, Obama Isn’t ‘Ein Berliner’: Fiscal Times

After Obama was elected, Der Spiegel, the magazine that serves as the German political barometer, called him the “World President.” But the German disappointment with Obama has been evident in its pages since. The magazine said that he did not deserve to win the 2012 election, and recently ran a cover with Obama’s picture below Kennedy’s, calling Obama Germany’s “Lost Friend.”

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Britain: A Nation In Decay

Lost in this cross-wired debate is the issue of the long-term future of the economy. Britain has been finding it difficult to recover from the financial crisis not just because of its austerity policy but also because of its eroding ability to engage in high-productivity activities. This problem is most tellingly manifested in the country’s inability to generate a trade surplus despite the huge devaluation of sterling since 2008.

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