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Modi’s Visit To Israel: Political Blunder Or Calculated Gamble?

The importance of Modi’s visit to Israel cannot be underestimated. Modi will become the first sitting Indian Prime Minister to visit the country. His visit will also come after a decade of relative political neglect from the Congress-led UPA government. Various UPA ministers visited Israel over the last decade, including a very symbolic visit in 2012 by the former External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. There has also never been a Prime Ministerial visit to reciprocate the visit from Ariel Sharon to New Delhi in 2003.

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China’s Hobson’s Choice — Should It Be India Or Pakistan

India is a major power with clear development prospects while Pakistan is a regionally important country facing an uncertain economic future. China has to take this into consideration with developing relations with India. However, this is not to say that Beijing should abandon Pakistan. It’s also in China’s interests to maintain friendly relations with Pakistan, both to in promote diplomatic relations in South Asia and to fight terrorism.

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