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What The US Election Is Really About

For all the hand wringing over Donald Trump’s authoritarian rhetoric, the 2020 US election is not really about the incumbent. It is about deep-seated suspicion regarding the national government’s role, which makes populism a recurring feature of American political history.

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The Dangerous Foreign-Policy Fallout Of Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

Nobody can pretend to know how President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis will unfold, but some fallout for U.S. national security will be impossible to avoid. What sort of distortions will the illness introduce to foreign policy? That’s harder to say. The Trump administration, after all, has had no baseline of normalcy from which to estimate such deviations. Nevertheless, four potential issues stand out.

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Can Twitter Stop Trump From Running Away With The Election?

A growing fear heading into election night is that prolific tweeter Donald Trump might declare victory over Joe Biden even as mail-in votes are still being counted—and that others could spread misinformation about the results. On Thursday, Twitter announced sweeping policy changes in an attempt to remove or label any tweets containing inaccurate information regarding the upcoming election.

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Is Donald Trump On The Comeback Trail?

With his lengthy speech last night, Donald Trump made it clear that he’s going on the offensive. His delivery was flat and he often clutched the podium like a man on a boat in heaving seas, but the pageantry was peak… The message was clear: the White House is really the Trump House. It belongs to him—and he isn’t going anywhere.

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The Global Risk Of The US Election

Never before has a US presidential election posed such a grave potential threat to the peace, prosperity, and stability of the rest of the world. A crisis following a disputed result in November would be a disaster, and it would come just when the world urgently needs to address an array of shared problems.

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The Republican National Convention Is Already Over

For more than four years, Donald Trump has demolished every tradition and norm of American politics, and on Monday he did it again. Minutes after his formal re-nomination as the Republican Party’s candidate on the opening day of the Republican National Convention, the president made an unexpected appearance and declared flatly that there was no way his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, could win fairly on Nov. 3

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Present At The Disruption

The term “disruption” is in and of itself neither a compliment nor a criticism. Disruption can be desirable and even necessary if the status quo is incompatible with one’s interests and there is an alternative that is both advantageous and achievable. But disruption is anything but desirable if the status quo serves one’s interests (or would with only minor adjustments) or the available alternatives are likely to be worse.

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Trump Tries To Claw Back Control As Coronavirus Pandemic Threatens His Re-election

President Donald Trump is moving to repair a damaging media narrative as coronavirus infections spiral back out of control just over 100 days before November’s general election. Trump, whose poll numbers have suffered as he has been hammered for the administration’s stammering response, is setting in motion a new White House communications effort focused on the pandemic and seeking to shift attention to crime in major American cities.

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Trump’s Campaign Team Tries To Steady Operation After Messy Shakeup

President Donald Trump’s outgoing campaign manager and his successor gathered staffers at the Trump campaign’s Arlington, Va., headquarters Thursday morning for a “pass the torch” ceremony, after Trump abruptly replaced Brad Parscale with Bill Stepien atop his reelection effort Wednesday night.

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How Trump’s Crowd Obsession Could Bite Him Back

It is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare: giving his acceptance speech in front of a half-empty arena, facing an audience whose faces are covered in masks, muffling their cheers and chants. But it is exactly what he may be facing if last month’s edict from authorities in Jacksonville, Florida, mandating masks for all indoor gatherings remains in effect through late August.

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