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How A Single Spy Helped Turn Pakistan Against The United States

The entire episode — and bin Laden’s killing in Abbottabad later that spring — extinguished any lingering productive relations between the United States and Pakistan. Leon Panetta’s relationship with General Pasha, the I.S.I. chief, was poisoned, and the already small number of Obama officials pushing for better relations between Washington and Islamabad dwindled even further.

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The Multibillion-Dollar U.S. Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard Of

Despite its lack of name recognition, the NGA’s (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) headquarters is the third-largest building in the Washington metropolitan area, bigger than the CIA headquarters and the U.S. Capitol. Completed in 2011 at a cost of $1.4 billion, the main building measures four football fields long and covers as much ground as two aircraft carriers.

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What Obama Wishes He Could Say About ISIL

President Barack Obama has more he could say in response to the questions about ISIL he’s getting pummeled with since the Paris attacks. They’re just not, according to people familiar with his thinking, things that he wants to say out loud.

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All That You Wanted To Know About Drones

America’s Pakistan Policy Is Sheer Madness

Since 9/11, the United States has lavished Pakistan with nearly $8 billion in security assistance, $11 billion in economic assistance, and $13 billion in the lucrative program known as Coalition Support Funds (CSF). Since then, Pakistan has availed of significant U.S. weapons systems and armaments…What tangible benefits has Washington secured for these emoluments? Very few it appears. Victory in Afghanistan was long ago lost.

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Drone Troubles

As drones become more commonplace, what’s to stop terrorists from using them?

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Playing War Games

Military competition between the the U.S. and China is on the rise even as the two foster closer links, with China’s defense budget more than doubling since 2006. Though its military spending is less than one-fifth of the U.S., China has developed drones, stealth fighters and an aircraft carrier while deploying a type of anti-ship ballistic missile the U.S. says is meant to threaten U.S. carriers in the region.

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China’s new aircraft carrier

The New Killing Machines

More and more, unmanned machines such as drones are waging war. So far, governments kept humans as the operators. But now militaries worldwide are developing armed autonomous robots with the capacity to use lethal force on their own.

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Drones Change Rules Of War On Terror

We might be looking a new rules of wars globaly with U.S. President Barack Obama‘s push for using drones to remove enemies in far-away places. Countries such as China and Russia are only two that are likely to launch their own fleet of these unmanned aircraft.

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First Strike: US Cyber Warriors Seize the Offensive

When the Pentagon launched its much-anticipated “Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace” in July 2011, it appeared the US military was interested only in protecting its own computer networks, not in attacking anyone else’s. “The thrust of the strategy is defensive,” declared Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn. The Pentagon would not favor the use of cyberspace “for hostile purposes.” Cyber war was a distant thought. “Establishing robust cyber defenses,” Lynn said, “no more militarizes cyberspace than having a navy militarizes the ocean.”

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