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What Should Pakistan Do After Obama’s India Visit?

It should not be difficult for Pakistani leaders to realise that Obama’s decision to court Modi is consistent with Washington’s attitude towards India. It has always maintained that its bilateral relations with Pakistan will not be allowed to stand in the way of its scheme to retain India’s goodwill.

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The Eishenhower-Obama Debate

The IkeObama analogy creates an illusion of commonality and historic continuity where none exists. It is bad history, because it depicts Eisenhower as a two-dimensional figure, entirely detached from his key associates and their core beliefs. At the same time, the analogy presents us with a distorted view of Obama.

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US President Faces Another Cliff

Believe it or not, Israel, led by the arrogant Israeli leader Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been dealt two American slaps in the face in the last few days, a blow it has never experienced since President Dwight Eisenhower compelled Israel and its two European allies, Britain and France, to withdraw their occupation forces from the Suez Canal during their 1956 war against Egypt.

This time around Israel and its influential allies within the US Congress and some lobbyist in the American Jewish community were shocked to learn that the popular Al Jazeera TV network has managed to buy an American television network allowing it to access 46 million American homes in the near future.

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