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How China Sees Russia

At a time when Russian relations with the United States and western European countries are growing cold, the relatively warm ties between China and Russia have attracted renewed interest. Scholars and journalists in the West find themselves debating the nature of the Chinese-Russian partnership and wondering whether it will evolve into an alliance.

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For Pakistan, Maturity The Need Of The Hour

Maturity is the need of the hour in Pakistan’s foreign policy, as a thaw with Iran opens up opportunities to the west, and the possibility of building an economic partnership with India to the east — however remote it might seem at the moment — remains a viable foreign policy goal. It’s time to emerge from the old world, and recognise the changes happening in our region before it’s too late.

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India’s Slow Steps Towards Europe

A dramatic improvement in India’s relationship with Europe and remarkable progress in their economic cooperation is unlikely to happen just through one visit. There won’t be big strides forward in India and changes have to take place slowly and gradually.

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Joint Communique Of Russian, Indian, Chinese Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

The Ministers agreed that Russia, India and China (RIC), as countries with important influence at international and regional levels and emerging market economies, need to further strengthen coordination on global issues and practical cooperation, in the spirit of openness, solidarity, mutual understanding and trust. They emphasized that cooperation between their countries is conducive to maintaining international and regional peace and stability and promoting global economic growth and prosperity.

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China Says Xi’s Visit Propels Ties With India Into New Historic Phase

President Xi’s visit has propelled the development of China-India ties into a new historic phase. Indian leaders, including President Pranab Mukherjee, said the mutually-beneficial cooperation with China is vital to India if the latter wants to take advantages from Asia’s development. They said India is ready to make joint efforts with China to achieve common development and prosperity.

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