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Biden Turns To Familiar Faces To Grapple With A Changed World

If President-elect Joe Biden’s emerging national security team looks awfully familiar, that’s because it is — with most of the names announced so far those of people who held senior jobs in the Barack Obama administration. But the world they’ll inherit has changed significantly, often for the worse, since they were last in power.

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Myanmar Results Point To Aung San Suu Kyi’s Enduring Popularity

The NLD has scored largely because of Suu Kyi. This is despite the patchy record of the current NLD government in terms of pushing the country’s development or in taking forward the ethnic peace and reconciliation process. Hugely popular still, she is seen as someone who could stand up to the military. 

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Will Trump Versus Biden End In Chaos?

As Donald Trump launches a legal battle to stop Joe Biden from claiming the presidency, America is at a crossroads. Seldom has the country been more divided culturally and politically… In the coming weeks, there are bound to be fresh debates about the future of the GOP and Trump’s role in it as well as about the course of the Democratic party.

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Biden Expands Paths To Victory By Pulling Ahead In Pennsylvania, Georgia

Joe Biden pulled narrowly ahead of Donald Trump in Pennsylvania on Friday, hours after doing the same in Georgia, making it more certain than ever that Democrats will reclaim the White House. After trailing Trump by hundreds of thousands of votes on Election Day in Pennsylvania, Biden steadily ate into his margins as more mail-in ballots were tallied in the state…

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Trump Vs. Biden Is Truly the Most Consequential Election Of Our Lifetime

If Biden wins the Presidency and his party finds itself in control of the Senate, Democrats will certainly reverse many of the policies implemented by his predecessor, but the more important and far-reaching consequences of a Biden victory will be fundamental changes to the very structure of the republic.

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How The New Supreme Court Could Stymie A Biden Presidency

President Donald Trump’s newest Supreme Court pick will offer conservatives an opportunity to start achieving a long-sought goal: chipping away at the vast administrative state that Americans have known since the New Deal. The rightward shift could imperil much of the agenda of a potential Biden administration or a Democratic Congress, making it easier for the courts to block initiatives such as a “Green New Deal” or vast expansion of Medicare.

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Trump And Biden Both Vow To Reduce Reliance On China, But Methods Will Be ‘Night And Day’

Both men would pursue plans to repatriate the production of critical medical and drug supplies, and both would try to minimise their nation’s reliance on China. But analysts say that Trump is likely to drive unilaterally forward in isolation from US allies, while Biden is expected to take a more multilateral approach.

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Would A Biden Presidency Change Things For Huawei And Others?

With the US presidential election fast approaching, experts are debating whether a victory for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November will reverse a building tech war that threatens to split the global technology industry in half, from semiconductors to the internet itself. The short answer: no, not really…

The Surprise Religious Group That Could Decide Trump’s Fate

In 2016, Mormons rejected Donald Trump in numbers unheard of for a Republican nominee — viewing the thrice-married, immigrant-bashing Republican as an affront to their values. In 2020, the president is going all-out to change their minds — a little-noticed effort that could make or break him in Arizona and Nevada, home to more than a half-million Latter-day Saints combined. Joe Biden’s campaign, sensing an unlikely opening for a Democrat, is also targeting Mormons in the pair of Western swing states.

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The Messiah of Mar-a-Lago

The US was a tinderbox of racism, inequality, and broken politics well before Donald Trump entered the White House, but he lit the match and added fuel. Unless Americans vote him out in November, putting out the fires – and repairing the national and international damage – may well become impossible.

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