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Why Some Democrats Worry The Coronavirus Could Help Trump Win Re-election

Trump has time on his side, with the coronavirus spreading early in the election cycle. This week, the Republican president adopted a more somber tone, and some Democrats are beginning to worry that he could mould the narrative to his benefit. A massive stimulus, including direct payments to Americans, could help him in November.

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Joe Biden Is No Hillary Clinton

He has the same thing in common with Hillary as every other Democrat does: his party affiliation. To be sure, that is one thing that distinguishes him from Sanders and many of Sanders’ voters.

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Biden’s Surge Redefines The Democrat Race

Joe Biden steamrolled across the South on Tuesday, carried Texas and won a stunning victory in Minnesota, severely weakening Bernie Sanders and recasting the race as a head-to-head contest between them. Sanders won the largest state, California, as well as Colorado and his home state of Vermont. But momentum was on Biden’s side.

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Netanyahu Scrabbles His Way To One Of His Biggest Victories

Nearly 70 polls had predicted that Israel’s March 2 election would produce something reminiscent of Bill Murray’s classic movie “Groundhog Day” — a seemingly endless time loop of political stalemate, dysfunction and yet another election following the previous two last April and September. Instead, the Israeli voting public gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu perhaps one of his greatest victories.

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A Coronavirus Recession Would Likely End Trump’s Presidency

The global coronavirus outbreak might accomplish something that myriad bad polls haven’t: make Republicans fear losing the 2020 presidential election. Until now, survey after survey has consistently shown President Trump losing to the Democrats in November. Like, to all of the Democrats. Yet Republicans have remained confident…But the plunging stock market, badly spooked by the unpredictable spread and impact of the virus, is suggesting the tailwind might turn into a headwind — and that could mean a one-term Trump presidency.

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Will Trump Win Again?

Photo courtesy: White House/Flickr

This November’s presidential election in the United States will be a referendum on the state of the US economy, the country’s political and social direction, and American democracy itself. Should America – and the world – start preparing for four more years of President Donald Trump?

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Tsai Ing-Wen Re-Elected As Taiwan President As Rival Concedes Defeat

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen won a second term on Saturday with a victory over Han Kuo-yu, in an election that had been cast as a referendum on the island’s approach to Beijing. Tsai, from the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), had been a hot favourite to see off the challenges of Han, from the mainland-friendly Kuomintang (KMT) party, and  James Soong Chu-yu, from the People First Party.

Why Boris Johnson’s Victory And Impeachment Could Augur A Trump Triumph In 2020

For Trump the most significant lesson may have been that Johnson was able, not to crack, but to smash the Labour Party’s so-called “Red Wall” in northern England. Just as Trump won in the Rust Belt states in 2016, so Johnson cruised to victory in working-class areas that supported Brexit and want to see a rebirth of their traditional industries. For Trump, it’s a sign that his strength in the Rust Belt was no fluke.

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Britain Speeds Towards Brexit As Johnson Wins Large Majority In Election

Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a resounding election victory on Friday that will allow him to end three years of political paralysis and take Britain out of the European Union by Jan. 31. Brexit represents the country’s biggest political and economic gamble since World War Two, cutting the world’s fifth largest economy adrift from the vast trading bloc and threatening the integrity of the United Kingdom.

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UK General Election 2019: Britain’s New Foreign Policy Divide

Genuine ideological differences have returned to British politics. That is as true in foreign policy as in questions of domestic politics. The post-Cold War foreign policy consensus in UK politics around liberal multilateralism is fraying.

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