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The U.S. Struggle Proves That Democracy Is Priceless

The events in the United States demonstrated that democracies are self-correcting and resilient because they vest power in institutions, not in rulers. Rather than yield to the political violence of a fringe minority, representative institutions upheld the will of a majority of American voters.

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Trump Unleashes An Army Of Sore Losers

The down-ballot parroting of Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud began right after the election. But in the weeks since, it has evolved into a self-sustaining phenomenon of its own. Republican candidates for House, legislative and gubernatorial races in more than half a dozen states are still refusing to concede.

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Sharp Divisions On Vote Counts, As Biden Gets High Marks For His Post-Election Conduct

More than two weeks after the presidential election, there are sharp divisions between voters who supported Joe Biden and Donald Trump over nearly all aspects of the election and voting process, including whether their own votes were counted accurately.

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Trump’s Scorched Earth Farewell

It’s that on almost every front from COVID-19 response and economic rescue plans to the fate of hotspots such as Afghanistan and Iran, the outgoing president is sowing chaos within his own administration that has left every world capital in a muddle and President-elect Joe Biden in a bind.

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Trump Bid To Overturn Vote Crashes Into Wall Of Deadlines

President Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the election results is about to smash into reality: a gauntlet of battleground state deadlines that are poised to extinguish his increasingly desperate attempts to hold onto the presidency.

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5 Reasons Why The World Will Miss Donald Trump

Third-rate think tank analysts, GOP nobodies, and absolute randos had no idea what opportunities were about to come their way when a reality TV star was elected in 2016 without a real team in place. We will not see their like again.

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Mini-Trumps In The Wilderness

After four years of hiding behind Donald Trump while they dismantled their countries’ democratic institutions, populist leaders in Poland and Hungary have suddenly found themselves exposed and out in the cold. Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, in particular, should be preparing for an overdue reckoning.

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Why China Isn’t Congratulating Biden

China has no illusions that a Biden presidency will reverse the Trump administration’s hard line… For now, however, Beijing is clearly nervous about Trump’s final months in power. As long as Trump continues to contest the election result, Biden should not expect a congratulatory call from President Xi Jinping.

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Donald Trump For President In 2024?

“Once you’ve lost it’s hard to gain the momentum you need to win the nomination and then the general election. That’s especially true since most presidents are reelected,” Jonathan Krasno, professor of political science at Binghamton University, said. But history says it wouldn’t be impossible.

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Donald Trump’s Next Move: Revenge Against Joe Biden

Trump has probably already realized that he has lost the election even if he doesn’t want to acknowledge it publicly. He has to be thinking about two things: how to make life miserable for his successor Joe Biden and how to manage his own post-presidential career.

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