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Emerging Vulnerabilities In Emerging Economies

For many emerging economies, it is imperative to pursue a rebalancing of growth patterns, with a more active approach to managing debt and capital flows and their effects on asset prices, exchange rates, and growth. Otherwise, the dangers of unsustainable growth patterns will bring expansion to an abrupt halt.

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Emerging Asia Can’t Just Rely On China

If you think Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is stressed, spare a thought for Agus Martowardojo. On Tuesday, the governor of Indonesia’s central bank had to choose between cutting interest rates to support growth or hiking them to prop up his currency. He ultimately decided to split the difference and do nothing. Martowardojo’s dilemma is emblematic of the increasingly chaotic situation in the world’s emerging markets.

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Will the World Ever Boom Again?

The problem is that China’s recent slowdown from 10 percent annual growth to about 7 percent is only the beginning. The recent drops in housing and stock prices are harbingers of a further economic moderation. That is inevitable, since no country can grow at a breakneck pace forever. And with the slowing of China, Brazil and Russia have been slowing as well — the heyday of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is over. But the really worrying question is: What if other nations can’t pick up the slack when China slows? What if China is the last country to follow the tried-and-true path of industrialization?

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Here’s the $17 Trillion Reason Why the BRICS Summit This Week Is a Big Deal

Leaders of the so-called BRICS countries are meeting starting Wednesday in Ufa, Russia. Here’s what you need to know about these emerging market economies to follow the summit.

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Aid Or Investment?

It’s time to view aid as an investment rather than an act of charity so that in the long term it could lead to more effective aid and possibly more assistance overall.

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Mirror Images?

India and China are neighbors with vexed relations. The most that can be said about them is that they share almost equal measures of mutual incomprehension.

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Price Vs Value: The Long Battle

Throughout the history of capitalism, economic bubbles have been commonplace. They have emerged wherever liquid financial markets exist. The range challenges the imagination: from the iconic tulip bulb bubble, to gold and silver mining bubbles, to bubbles around the debt of newly established countries of unknowable wealth, to — again and again — real estate and stock bubbles.

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Why The West Has A Problem With The Emerging World…

Our imperialist mindset — a hangover from the 20thcentury — suggests that developing countries are always helpless without the West. That says more about our limited analytical abilities than about how the emerging world will fare, writes Zachary Karabell


Why Are Governments Paralyzed?

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