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Bringing Down The Walls

Most concrete walls in Sri Lanka have been demolished in the past four years since the ethnic war ended, but the emotional barricades remain as the country battles its bloody past and tries to make peace with itself. It’s easier said than done.

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Sri Lanka’s “People’s Dynasty” – Help Or Harm For Growth?

From foreign hotel towers sprouting on Colombo‘s seafront to the new motorbikes and mobile phones buzzing in war-ravaged Jaffna, at first glance, Sri Lanka seems to be living up to its claim as Asia’s latest frontier market.

But private businesses are not investing enough, threatening the boom that has swept the island since the end of a long ethnic conflict, while President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family are tightening their grip on the economy and institutions with what critics see as an unusually personalized system of government.

The global economy may be in poor shape, but with 17 percent growth since the war ended in 2009 and an eye-popping 200 percent rise in the stock market, investors should be flocking to Sri Lanka’s palm-fringed shores.

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Using Hate To Challenge Modernism

The recent violence over an anti-Islam film is part of a wider clash with the idea of the modern republic.

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