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The True Spy Story Behind Argo

In the final scenes of the “nail-biting political thriller” Argo — the true story of how the CIA safely whisked six U.S. Embassy staffers out of Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis — a group of Americans disguised as a film crew safely survives three passport checks, the canceling and uncanceling of plane tickets, and a runway car chase by the Revolutionary Guard. But according to the insider account published in 1999 by the CIA’s in-house journal, Studies in Intelligence, the actual exit was much less dramatic. The Iranian customs official stamping passports at Tehran’s Mehrabad International Airport “could not have cared less” when he stamped the fake passports and exit visas of “six Canadians, a European, and a Latin American” as they snuck out of the country and onto Swissair Flight SR 363.

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Why Morsi Exploited the Muhammad Film — and Why that Was a Bad Move

The storming of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday echoed events following the 2005 Danish publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that led to widespread protest in 2006 and assaults on Danish embassies around the world. Today, Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, and his government are playing the same role that his predecessor Hosni Mubarak did then: provoking protest to consolidate power.

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The Anti-American Demonstrations Raging In the Middle East And North Africa Extend Beyond The Violence Of The Day, Providing A Broad Diplomatic Challenge To President Obama’s Attempts To Forge Relationships With New Regimes Across The Arab World, Says Washington Post

The immediate crisis involves a pair of post-revolutionary Arab countriesEgypt and Libya — that Obama has worked to ensure will be supporters of the United States as they endure difficult transitions from autocracies to self-government. Now part of a bitter U.S. presidential campaign, the attacks this week will test the diplomacy Obama will use to salvage two badly damaged relationships, as well as his broader remedial project with the Islamic world. But first he must define again who are his nation’s friends and how in the future to describe them.

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