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The South China Sea Is Really A Fishery Dispute

Given its power and recent assertiveness in the South China Sea, China’s interests deserve special attention. Aside from enlarging China’s security perimeter, China’s regional interests can be roughly lumped into three “P”s—politics, petroleum, and proteins (fish). The last of these interests, competition over dwindling SCS fisheries, may be most consequential in driving competition, but has not received sufficient analytic attention.

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Ocean-grabbing ‘threatens world’s fisheries’: UN

Big fishing concerns are engaged in “ocean-grabbing,” plundering the seas while scoffing at the environment and local interests, the UN’s food watchdog said on Tuesday.

In exceptionally sharp words, the United Nations’ special rapporteur on food, Olivier de Schutter, said the interests of smaller fishermen, local communities and sustainable fishing were threatened by long-distance, industrial-scale trawling.

“Future generations will pay the price when the oceans run dry.”

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