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Churchill, The Greatest Briton, Hated Gandhi, The Greatest Indian

…there is no question that Churchill had an intense dislike of Indians in general, and a pathological suspicion of one Indian in particular. His venomous and long-lasting hatred of Gandhi shows that this great Briton could sometimes think and act like a small-minded parochialist.

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Inside The Chaos Surrounding Britain’s Brexit Boondoggle

Britain’s departure from the European Union and the forging of a new cross-Channel relationship was supposed to be one of the “easiest” deals “in human history.” It has, instead, turned out to be a national nightmare and an international embarrassment.

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Springtime For Nationalism?

Is populism still on the rise? That question will be looming over elections in Israel, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Spain, and the European Union over the next two months. Yet it will be misplaced, for the real contest is between nationalism and internationalism.

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UK Elections: Cameron Back In Downing Street

David Cameron has returned to Downing Street with the Tories having defied polls and won the general election.

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The End Of Britain As We Knew It?

In Scotland, a rebellion is brewing the likes of which Britain has not experienced in nearly a century and that, if unchecked, will change the United Kingdom for good.


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In Britain, The Rise Of The Non-White Vote

Come May, and elections in the U.K. will see more Black, Asian and Minority candidates than ever before, pointing to the growing influence of different ethnic groups in British politics

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The New Political Geography Of Europe

The euro crisis has revolutionised politics across Europe. Established political
parties are fighting for their lives; countries that thought of themselves as part
of the European core are finding themselves on the periphery; and a huge
gulf has emerged in the core of Europe. What we are witnessing, as the euro
crisis enters its third year, is the emergence of a new political geography for
the European Union that is reshuffling the divisions within and between the
nations of Europe. The crisis is not over, but it has evolved from a banking
crisis and then an economic crisis into an acute political crisis.

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A €1Tn Scandal Or Money Well Spent: Where Does The EU Budget Go?

In the otherwise ugly EU quarter in Brussels, something of a building boom is going on. There’s the €300m (£241m)-plus being spent to convert an art deco pile into a palace fit for a European president. In a nearby park another €100m makeover is creating the European parliament‘s version of the continent’s postwar history. That’s after the parliament splashed out another €20m just down the street to create a multimedia tribute to itself last year, the Parliamentarium visitors’ centre.

Austerity Europe? Not at the European Union‘s Brussels HQ. While budgets, public spending, and civil service staffing levels are being slashed from Portugal to Poland, Greece to Great Britain, to be one of the 56,000 EU eurocrats is to escape most of the pain felt in almost every country in the union.

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The Battle for Britain

“Stands Scotland where it did?” This is the question, asked by Macduff in Shakespeare’s Macbeth that now concentrates minds in Edinburgh and London alike. The battle for Scotland is also a battle for Britain in which the stakes could scarcely be higher. In two years’ time, Scots will vote in a referendum to decide the future course of their country. The future of Great Britain (established in 1707 by the union between Scotland and England, each previously independent countries and awkward, frequently warring neighbors) is at stake. The choice is stark: reconfirming the country’s commitment to the United Kingdom or setting out on a new course as Europe‘s newest independent country.

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