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Will Saudi Arabia Allow Pakistani General To Command Military Alliance?

For the last two months, mystery and confusion has shrouded Gen. Raheel Sharif, Pakistan’s retired army chief, over whether he will be the supreme commander of the Saudi-led “Islamic military alliance” created by Riyadh in 2015. News of Sharif’s appointment has been widely criticized in Pakistan, and the drama underscores the friction in the Saudi-Pakistani relationship.

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Only the Gulf Countries Can Deliver A Stable Region

There is recognition, not only inside Saudi Arabia but also in the countries surrounding it, that while the Gulf states’ responses to recent geopolitical events have been slow, change in how these countries conduct their foreign policy is under way.

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Iran Exposes the Myth Of GCC Unity

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) seeks to portray itself to the outside world as a unified entity, particularly during periods of heightened regional instability, such as Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and the 2011 Arab uprisings. Yet below the surface, the Council’s six monarchies are divided internally by historic rivalries, changes in leadership and a myriad of significant regional developments. The most significant current source of division among the GCC states relates to Iran’s role in the Middle East’s evolving geopolitical order.

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Iran, Big Powers Clinch Landmark Nuclear Deal

Iran and six major world powers reached a nuclear deal, capping more than a decade of on-off negotiations with an agreement that could potentially transform the Middle East, and which Israel called an “historic surrender”.

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Worrying About A Different Kind Of Oil

Sustainable food self-sufficiency is unattainable for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Domestic production meets only a small proportion of needs, yet consumes significant economic resources and almost monopolizes water use

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China’s Stormy Outlook Has A Silver Lining For The Gulf

While the eurozone debt crisis hangs like a dark cloud over the global economy, a grey cloud is emerging in China with deep consequences for the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council: the prospect of a hard landing.

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