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Is The United States Baiting Iran Into A War?

With armed forces on both sides on high alert, additional American naval and aerial hardware newly arrived in theater, and Saudi Arabia having pounded the Iranian-backed Houthi rebel force in Yemen for its attack on a major Saudi oil pipeline, there remains not only the potential for an unintended clash or misfire, but also a worrying threat that misperception may lead to conflict.

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The New Saudi Foreign Policy

Saudi Arabia’s incursion into Yemen reflects a new foreign policy that assertively presses Saudi claims in the Middle East and even uses its own armed forces to ensure its interests. After centuries of relying on external empires—first British and then American—to safeguard its territory and protect its regional interests, the House of Saud is beginning to rely on its own resources.

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Between A Rock And A Hard Place

For the Pakistani man on the street, the relationship with Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Islam’s two holy sites, is literally an article of faith. A Pew survey in 2013 found that 95 per cent of Pakistanis had a favourable opinion of the desert kingdom, and Pakistan was the only country in the Islamic world where favourable opinion about Saudi Arabia had increased. In the face of all this, it is nothing less than extraordinary that Pakistan is taking its time to think over the Saudi “request” for air force jets, naval ships and ground troops (for its battle in Yemen), writes Nirupama Subramanian.

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