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Five Trends To Watch For In Chinese Cybersecurity In 2013

With 2012 coming to an end, here are some of the larger trends to watch in Chinese cybersecurity in the upcoming year. There are rumors that there will be another round of bureaucratic reforms in the spring. Chinese analysts have pointed out that one of the great weaknesses in their defenses is that institutional oversight of cybersecurity is fragmented and ineffective, and there is a low degree of information sharing between the government and industry.

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A Chinese Lesson

When nations become strong and their companies begin to spread business to other countries, interests are bound to either collide or come together.

For decades, it was the turn of the Western multinationals to face political wrath in faraway countries. Remember India threw out Coca Cola and IBM? Now it is the turn of Chinese and Indian companies to battle complex politics in markets they either don’t know at all or don’t understand well.

Chinese telecom companies have been under tremendous pressure not only in the United States, but in other countries too. India woke to its own shock last week when the tiny, neighbouring Maldives decided to scrap a $500 million airport deal with an Indian firm. The degree of indignation over the development was surprising.

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The Left is Bereft

The latest cover of the Economist, the weekly news magazine that likes to call itself a newspaper, featured inequality, which it believes is the new big problem facing the world at large. Belatedly, the world is finally beginning to acknowledge an endemic problem, which is so anecdotally visible in the new India defined by glitzy malls and ostentatious consumption and yet rarely debated. The unbridled rise of corruption, its ceaseless expose and the inability of the system to expedite prosecution of the accused only reinforces the perception divide between the haves and have-nots, writes Anil Padmanabhan

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