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The Colossal Indian Contribution To A War That Wasn’t Its Own

But for the colossal and almost forgotten  Indian contribution, World War I (1914-18) could have ended differently with all kinds of  dastardly  implications for the trajectory of the 20th century. The centenary of that long and bloody  ‘Great’ war has rekindled  considerable interest into various facets of those  tragic years and many books have been published over the last year adding to the considerable body of scholarship and recall that exists  on the subject.

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Nukes Are Not For War

The report that Pakistan could possess as many as 350 nuclear weapons in the next 10 years to have the world’s third-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons has received a lot of attention in India. This projection is from a US think-tank, but a statement from a senior Pakistani official around the same time should concern us more. Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said that his country has “low-yield, tactical nuclear weapons” (TNWs) to deal with India’s so-called Cold Start doctrine.

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China Denies Sino-Indian ‘Face-Off’ Claims

China said there was no stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops in the border area, in response to reports by the Indian media which said Indian troops demolished a Chinese constructed watch tower in the sensitive region.

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Could India’s Military Really Crush Pakistan?

Following a raid by Indian special forces into Myanmar early this month, increasing attention has been given to the prospect that India might use similar means against Pakistan to pressure it to end support for anti-Indian militant groups. India’s on-going military modernization and headline-grabbing increases in defense spending have already raised concerns that it threatens to upset the delicate conventional military balance in the region and make military action a more attractive proposition for New Delhi.

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What International Law Tells Us About India’s Recent Pre-emptive Strike

The Indian Army’s recent operations against militant camps in Myanmar are not the first of their kind in the world or even in the region. Amidst the ongoing debate over the potential shift in India’s military strategy this represents, and the questions surrounding the operation’s extraterritoriality, there has been little discussion on the status and regulation of such armed operations under international law.

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India, Pakistan, Again

Forget the loons and the kooks, the puff-chested braggarts and the incorrigible denialists, and ask yourself this: what is the Pak-India relationship really about? At its core, as defined in the present era, stripped of hype and hyperbole, denuded of posturing and silliness, what is it that Pakistan and India need of each other in strategic terms? Not trade, not normalisation, none of the aspirational stuff — what can the two of them simply not ignore about the other?

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India As The Pivot In Asia

The notion of an Indian arc of influence stretching from Aden to Malacca was, of course, a staple of strategic thinking in the British Raj. Yet, these lines were written not by a mandarin of the Raj, but by the freshly appointed vice-president of the viceroy’s executive council, Jawaharlal Nehru.

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India’s “Made In US” Military Might

Simply put, India is the largest ‘open’ defense market in the world, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the $63 billion international defense market in 2013. It is ‘open’ because the other major markets, such as the United States, Europe, China or Russia, tend to buy local when they can. By contrast, India’s indigenous defense industry has singularly failed to keep up with local demand, forcing the MoD to look abroad to modernize its forces.

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Engaging Over The Hump

After decades of pursuing Pakistan-centric war planning, the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force are recalibrating their sights towards the hitherto neglected northern frontiers with China, giving a hard push to improving its war-fighting capabilities against its more powerful neighbour and at the same time, increasing on-the-ground interaction with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

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The Troubled Indian Soldier

A string of incidents involving indiscipline and insubordination in the Indian armed forces has set off alarm bells in India’s defense establishment.

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