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The Janet Yellen Era Starts Here

Ultimately, however, it won’t be Yellen’s P.R. skills that determine how she is remembered. It will be her economic judgment, and her confidence in the enduring strength and vigor of a revived U.S. economy.

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Fed Raises Rates, But Smooth Liftoff Doesn’t Signal Mission Accomplished

The Federal Reserve deserves praise for managing once again to carry out a tricky transition without causing disruptions in financial markets and creating too much risk for the real economy. Sustaining this success will require more than just the central bank’s continued responsive policy making, Mohamed El-Erian writes for Bloomberg.

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Emerging Asia Can’t Just Rely On China

If you think Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is stressed, spare a thought for Agus Martowardojo. On Tuesday, the governor of Indonesia’s central bank had to choose between cutting interest rates to support growth or hiking them to prop up his currency. He ultimately decided to split the difference and do nothing. Martowardojo’s dilemma is emblematic of the increasingly chaotic situation in the world’s emerging markets.

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