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Burma to Myanmar and Back?

In ways big and small, Asia is still living with the tainted legacy of imperialism. Consider the debate now underway in Myanmar – or Burma to some. Because the imperial tongue found it difficult to pronounce “Myanmar,” the country’s no-nonsense British masters renamed it Burma (redrawing its borders as well for good measure).

The new name stuck until the military regime that ruled the country for decades restored the original one in 1989. Ironically, however, the newly empowered democratic opposition would like to bring back the name Burma, viewing “Myanmar” as emblematic of the dictatorship that they wish to leave behind.

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For Those Who Follow India And South Asia, Brajesh Mishra Was The Man Who Changed Many Things. A Fine Tribute Here By Shekhar Gupta Of The Indian Express

Here is one way you can put the life of Brajesh Mishra in context. If you asked the top leadership of this UPA government to name one person they could inherit from the NDA, the answer was instant: Brajesh Mishra. Obviously, this was not primarily for his strategic (as in security and foreign policy) talent. In that area, the UPA believes it is well-endowed. It was for the way he had perfected the craft of exercising the PMO’s power even in a messy alliance — and within the Sangh Parivar. This while giving total cover, and, in that brilliant expression immortalised by the notorious Lt Colonel Oliver North in the Iran-Contra hearings in the US Congress in 1987, “plausible deniability” to the “boss”, as Mishra always referred to Vajpayee.

Read Here – The Indian Express

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