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Pope Francis Should Look East to End Poverty

The archipelago nation (The Philippines) is a timely case study of how religion and economic development often don’t mix. The church professes to help those most in need and preaches the gospel of protecting society’s weakest — poor women and children. How, then, can the bishops who wield such disproportionate power over Southeast Asia’s fifth-biggest economy fight a step that might do much to achieve those goals?

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Nicolas Sarkozy, Flag Burning, And More

There is relentless speculation in the French news media about whether former president Nicolas Sarkozy could announce a political comeback. In a TV interview, Valérie Pécresse, who was Sarkozy’s spokeswoman and budget minister until François Hollande won election in May, was asked if her boss was “dead and buried”; and Pécresse responded, “There is a book that is the bestselling book in the world called the Bible, and in the Bible, there is the possibility of resurrection.” Although the thought of Sarkozy as the messiah should boggle the Gallic mind, many of the photos published of him post-Élysée show him bearded—like Jesus.

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Verbosity At the UN

FEWER dictators means better timekeeping at the UN General Assembly. In past years delegates braced themselves for the rambling rants of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi (record: 90 minutes in 2009). This year’s meeting of the UN’s big representative body featured only a handful of long-winded speakers. Iran‘s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad managed just under 40 minutes, bemusing some delegates and amusing others with his calls for restructuring the UN, which he says is heavily skewed towards a few countries. He also gave his thoughts about the coming of the 12th imam and Jesus of Nazareth.

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