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Here’s Who Will Be Running The Pentagon When Biden Takes Office

While news organisations have reported a number of these officials as being considered or expected to be Biden’s pick for the job, this is the most comprehensive list of who will be running the Pentagon when the president-elect is sworn in on Wednesday.

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Four Ways Biden Can Boost The Global Economy

The US is nowhere near as economically dominant as it was even a decade ago. Yet President-elect Joe Biden can take several relatively simple steps that would have far-reaching benefits for the US economy, the American people, and the rest of the world.

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What To Expect In Biden’s First 100 Days In Foreign Policy

During his first 100 days in office, U.S. President Donald Trump issued sweeping executive orders aimed at reversing and dismantling key elements of former President Barack Obama’s legacy and pushing an “America First” platform that upset decades of bipartisan consensus on foreign policy. Now, the reversal of Trump’s reversals is coming…

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Inside Joe Biden’s Foreign-Policy Worldview

Biden’s career has been one of consistent investment in the idea that democracy and prosperity should be shared but also one of seeing the United States as a country like any other, whose internal prosperity and social cohesion ought to be paramount.

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Why American Needs A Foreign Policy Reset

We must recognize that world affairs are rarely black and white, that alliances should serve as instruments of U.S. policy rather than as ends in themselves, and that—like it or not—history as we always knew it has returned.

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What The Biden Presidency Means For US Economic Policy

Although Joe Biden has ambitious proposals to raise taxes and spend trillions of dollars over the next decade, he will be constrained if Republicans retain control of the Senate. He should welcome that outcome as an opportunity to govern in the mode of Bill Clinton, rather than as the ideologue others would like him to be.

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Can Joe Biden Take America Back To The Future?

For all Biden’s promises to restore American leadership—a decorous word for predominance—the era of liberal interventionism is likely over. Trump tried to bury it; Biden may sign the death certificate.

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Joe Biden’s Picks Show The Washington Establishment Is Back

Biden’s late November national security picks signalled his commitment, after four years of Trump’s unorthodox policy approach, to realign the White House with the mainstream of the U.S. diplomatic and intelligence establishment. 

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Secret Flight Shows Netanyahu, Mohammed Bin Salman Joining To Face Biden

As arguably the greatest beneficiaries of U.S. President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Salman now seek to insulate themselves against indications they’ll soon be shunned by the Biden White House as rogue actors.

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Biden Turns To Familiar Faces To Grapple With A Changed World

If President-elect Joe Biden’s emerging national security team looks awfully familiar, that’s because it is — with most of the names announced so far those of people who held senior jobs in the Barack Obama administration. But the world they’ll inherit has changed significantly, often for the worse, since they were last in power.

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