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Just How Good Is Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Team?

In an echo of President Warren G. Harding’s campaign a century earlier, Joe Biden has promised Americans a return to normalcy and, on matters of foreign policy, has cast himself as the ultimate anti-Trump—building bridges where Donald Trump has needlessly burned them; embracing multilateralism where Trump has espoused only “America First”; and striving for strategic clarity where Trump has produced only incoherence.

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Biden’s Domestic Priorities Should Guide His Foreign Policy

If Joe Biden wins the presidency in November, his foreign policy team will present him with a staggering to-do list. Given his significant international experience, the former vice president will be tempted to dive in. But he should pause to consider his priorities.

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Joe Biden Could End Up Being A Wartime President

Successful Democratic candidates for the presidency of the United States invariably campaign with promises of domestic largesse and moral uplift. They nearly always end up taking their country to war. Can Joe Biden be a rare exception to that rule, if he succeeds in defeating Donald Trump on November 3?

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Smooth Biden Boxes Clever On ‘China Question’

Biden’s internationalist orientation could actually work as a double-edged sword: to build a united front of allies and partners to confront China, or to join a platform with Europeans to cooperate with Beijing on issues where interests converge, such as climate change, nuclear non-proliferation, and global health security. Biden the consummate coalition builder will dump his predecessor’s “America alone” approach.

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The Democratic Renewal

If elected president, Joe Biden will inherit a United States that has abdicated its leadership role in the world and lost its claim to moral authority. He will also take the reins of a country still in the throes of a pandemic, still reeling from the economic fallout of the novel coronavirus, and still deeply polarised… It won’t be easy.

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Biden Plans To Make Harris As Powerful A Veep As He Was Under Obama

If she is elected along with her running mate, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris will be no ordinary vice president—and that goes well beyond her historic selection as the first Black and South Asian American woman to back up a major party ticket. On the contrary, Biden plans to model her role on the extraordinarily influential part he played himself for eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, according to a senior Biden advisor.

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Inside The Massive Foreign-Policy Team Advising Biden’s Campaign

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s team of informal foreign-policy and national security advisors has expanded to over 2,000 people, including 20 working groups spanning issues from diversity in national security to arms control, defense, intelligence, and homeland security.

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White Guilt’ Shakes Up The 2020 U.S. Election

Joe Biden says he, like many white people, was wrong about racism in America. “I thought we had made enormous progress when we finally elected an African American president,” he told voters in a livestreamed “Young Americans Town Hall” last week. “I thought you could defeat hate, you could kill hate. But the point is, you can’t.”

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Trump Takes His War On Masks To New Lows

President Donald Trump’s use of the bully pulpit to defy his own government’s advice on face coverings has turned into the era’s latest ideologically motivated assault on science and civility. His noncompliance is a symbol of his refusal to adopt the customary codes of the presidency during a crisis and his habit of turning even a dire national moment to political advantage.

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Why Joe Biden Should Fear Donald Trump

Trump remains the unpredictable force that he has been since he began running for the presidency. Trump’s presidency could be destroyed by the pandemic if it continues to rage and the economy remains stagnant or worse. But Trump has shown that he is the ultimate political survivor. Biden should beware.

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