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The Fallen Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd, the once extremely popular Prime Minister of Australia who was humiliatingly knifed by his own party and replaced with his deputy Julia Gillard in his first term of government, managed to resurrect himself to face a near impossible re-election battle.

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Rudd Rules Again In Australia

After being unceremoniously dumped in 2010, after one failed and one aborted leadership challenge, and after three years suffering the slings and arrows of outraged caucus colleagues, Kevin Rudd has his revenge.

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Should We Be Upsetting China?

Reports suggesting that India withdrew from a planned naval exercise with the United States last month out of fears it might upset Beijing are only the latest reason to grapple with an increasingly pertinent question: What are the costs these days of hurting the feelings of the Chinese people?

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Australia’s Strange China Paradox

Even so, it’s time for Australian leaders to stop complaining about the unfairness of the situation and start addressing the real weaknesses in their underlying economy. For years now, theirs has been, as the title of Donald Horne’s 1964 book had it, a “lucky country.” Arguably, no developed economy has benefited more from the reforms unleashed in China byDeng Xiaoping in the late 1970s. The Chinese boom has led to soaring demand for Australia’s natural resources, such as iron ore, coal and copper.

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As Australia’s Economy Cools, Will Voters Seek a Change?

Australia may be set for a record 22ndstraight year of economic expansion, but it will not save the federal budget or Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s job. That was the message from the latest economic data along with an election in Western Australia state, where voters handed Gillard’s Labor Party another drubbing.

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The Endless Campaign Is Not America’s Finest Export

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is going American in a big way by setting the next national election seven months from now. The record length of the campaign is bad news for her opponent, Tony Abbott, and may be even worse for the nation’s 23 million people.

Turning to a permanent campaign like that of the U.S. is shrewd politics. It puts opposition leader Abbott on the defensive, forcing him to offer more than tired conservative nostrums about the magic of lower taxes, less regulation and vague paeans to freedom. Instead, Abbott must offer specifics on how he will increase competitiveness and prosperity and how to pay for it.

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Australia and India: Common Goals, Budding Partnership

A serious strategic partnership between Australia and India has long been a missing link in the security architecture of Indo-Pacific Asia. Now the gap is at last being filled, if a high-level visit this week is anything to go by.

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr was in New Delhi on January 21st and 22nd, to follow up the visit by Prime Minister Julia Gillard last October, which itself had heralded a breakthrough in ties between these two Indian Ocean democracies.  Carr’s talks with his Indian counterpart Salman Khurshid had a strong security focus.

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Global Food Crisis Will Worsen As Heatwaves Damage Crops, Research Finds

The world’s food crisis, where 1 billion people are already going hungry and a further 2 billion people will be affected by 2050, is set to worsen as increasing heatwaves reverse the rising crop yields seen over the last 50 years, according to new research.

Severe heatwaves, such as those currently seen in Australia, are expected to become many times more likely in coming decades due to climate change. Extreme heat led to 2012 becoming the hottest year in the US on record and the worst corn crop in two decades.

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Australia’s Big Bet On Asia

It was the talk of teaching Hindi to schoolchildren down under that grabbed all the headlines in India, but Canberra’s White Paper Australia in the Asian Century merits wider attention because governments today rarely state far-reaching plans of any kind, let alone those involving an epochal reorientation of political sensibility. Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who commissioned the paper and wrote the foreword, is clear that this century “will bring Asia’s rise;” she adds that its “unstoppable transformation” into the world’s economic powerhouse is gathering pace, and that economic weight means strategic weight.

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Australia Plans to Overcome ‘Tyranny of Distance’ With Asia Ties

Australia must find new trade opportunities and strengthen its education system to take advantage of Asia’s economic boom, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said, outlining goals for the country to meet by 2025.

“As the global center of gravity shifts to our region, the tyranny of distance is being replaced by the prospects of proximity,” Gillard said in a report yesterday. “Australia is located in the right place at the right time.”

Australia, whose economy has avoided recession for the past 21 years amid surging Asian demand for iron ore, coal and natural gas, will need to rely on more than luck to benefit from the region’s expansion, Gillard said. Australia plans to boost trade links to Asia to at least a third of gross domestic product by 2025, compared with a quarter today, she said.

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