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China Defends Submarine Sales To Pakistan

In terms of military strength, the Indian Navy has two aircraft carriers in service and is building a new indigenous one. It has 15 submarines, almost twice that of Pakistan.  More importantly, India’s domestically developed nuclear-powered submarine, INS Arihant, has undergone several sea trials and will soon enter service. New Delhi is also planning at least six more nuclear-powered submarines. In comparison, it will take eight to 10 years for Pakistan to incorporate the eight submarines from China into its combat capacity. It will be extremely hard to break the military balance of India and Pakistan with the latest acquisition. Pakistan is actually trying to prevent the gap between its naval strength and India’s from widening, argues Qian Feng.

Read Here – Global Times

Is Pakistan’s PPP Dying?

Pakistan’s only “federal” political party, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), suffered a blow to its solar plexus when Asim Hussain was arrested in Karachi for corruption on August 26. An old schoolfellow of and personal physician to PPP boss Asif Ali Zardari, Hussain was federal petroleum minister in the PPP government till 2013…  Ominously, August was also the month when Zardari decided to fade into the background and anointed his son Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari as the new party leader.

Read Here – The Indian Express

The Dacoits of Lyari

It was a public execution unprecedented in its brutality even by Karachi’s own gruesome standards. The criminal who had been lording over Lyari, the city’s most dangerous neighborhood, had gone missing days earlier. Now, mosque loudspeakers were calling residents to witness and, according to some accounts, take part in his punishment.

Read Here – Newsweek

There’s No Free Chinese Lunch…

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is being termed as a ‘game and fate changer’ for Pakistan. But if the past is prologue, the new projects under it may not have much of a future, and both Pakistan and China know this.

Read Here – The Hindu

Pakistan’s $45 Bln Santa Claus And India’s Worries

Chinese President Xi Jinping is heading to Islamabad on a two-day visit starting Monday, which, deepened by billions of dollars of likely investments, is expected to test Beijing’s capacity to avoid antagonising India too much.

Read Here – The Hindu

The Gwadar Dream

There is little doubt that the move to make Gwadar port fully operational will have a transformative impact on Pakistan. Still, there are good reasons to keep the optimism controlled, and to be mindful of the challenges ahead. For one, much of the engagement with China is being seen in Pakistan through an emotional lens, as friendly assistance by a brotherly neighbour. In fact, much of this assistance is coming on commercial terms, and the Chinese have been known to walk away from large projects in Pakistan when they believe that the authorities here have failed to live up to their end of the bargain.

Read Here – Dawn

Frozen In Time In Pakistan

Imran Khan isn’t about to stop adding fuel to the fire of public resentment. The khakis aren’t about to intervene, the judges aren’t about to induce regime change and Nawaz Sharif isn’t about to resign. Thus we are gridlocked. But what is worst is that when PML-N isn’t acting like all this will blow over without consequence, it is sulking over being asked to behave like fiduciaries of public authority handed to them as a trust. Growing public disquiet and a government living in its cocoon is unsustainable. Something’s gotta give.

Read Here – The Dawn

In Pakistan, A New Sharif Or The Same Old Guy?

the majority of Pakistanis were convinced that the eight years Mr Sharif had spent in forced exile had matured and mellowed the man. They believed he had returned home determined to create a legacy of betterment for his deeply conflicted country, and looked forward to five years of his governance with a sense of optimism. A year on, they are not so sure.

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Mamnoon Hussain Elected 12th President of Pakistan

Mamoon Hussain, a 73-year-old textile businessman from Karachi, will be sworn in on Sept 9 at the presidency due to be vacated by incumbent Asif Ali Zardari.

Read Here – Dawn

Karachi, A Good Example Of Pakistan’s Failures

With legislative elections in May, tensions are rising in Pakistan. In Karachi, murder for profit or political gain is a commonplace, as are demands for protection money, energy blackouts, and ethnic and religious violence.

Read Here – Le Monde Diplomatique

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