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The Dreadful State Of British Politics

The parade of grotesques at this week’s Labour conference will be matched by the ghastlies on full display when the Tories gather in Birmingham next week. In both instances, our two main parties operate on the presumption the electorate must be made up of fools.

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The Sino-American Codependency Trap

Increasingly reliant on each other for sustainable economic growth, the United States and China have fallen into a classic codependency trap, bristling at changes in the rules of engagement. The symptoms of this insidious pathology were on clear display during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to America. Little was accomplished, and the path ahead remains treacherous.

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Let David Cameron Have His Moment Of Glory. The Plotters Await

Cameron may have felled three political opponents but he will be under no illusion of the storms ahead. They are awesome. A man who is said “to make every crisis seem reasonable” will have that talent sorely tried. His commitment has recently seemed almost half-hearted, culminating in the lacklustre start to his re-election. Only in the final burst did he show real passion. We shall never know if this is what did the trick.

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The U.K. Election 2015

British voters go to the polls on May 7 in what may be one of the closest political contests in decades. On election night, this interactive map—which currently shows the outcome of the last election—will bring you minute-by-minute results, from the national standings down to individual candidates and constituencies.

See Here – Bloomberg

A Campaign Without Poetry

“You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose,” said Mario Cuomo, who, as a three-term governor of New York State, knew a thing or two about winning elections. But there has been precious little poetry in Britain’s election campaign, now in the final countdown to Thursday’s (May 7) voting. No soaring verse, not much in the way of vision and inspiration, and quite a lot of uninspiring doggerel.

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Empire At Sunset

With the likelihood of Scottish independence increasing yearly as the SNP secures hegemony in Edinburgh, there is a growing sense in the north of England that the heart of the nation sits within London and its surrounding home counties. There is a feeling that British politicians define English interests as those of London in particular.

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The End Of Britain As We Knew It?

In Scotland, a rebellion is brewing the likes of which Britain has not experienced in nearly a century and that, if unchecked, will change the United Kingdom for good.


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In Britain, The Rise Of The Non-White Vote

Come May, and elections in the U.K. will see more Black, Asian and Minority candidates than ever before, pointing to the growing influence of different ethnic groups in British politics

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Lonely in China

In China, three demographics increasingly stand out: Unmarried young workers, couples who have delayed or foregone childbirth, and elderly empty-nesters. 160 million Chinese households, or 40 percent of the nationwide total, now consist only of one or two people.

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Cameron’s Little Waterloo

The government defeat leaves both British policy on Syria, and David‘s Cameron’s own leadership, mired in the deepest uncertainty

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