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China’s Great Leap Into Latin America

China’s interest in Latin America is both economic and strategic.  It was the accelerating Chinese economy’s voracious appetite for raw materials that keyed its entry to the region, a land of plenty when it comes to natural resources. Iron, soybeans, copper, and oil make up the bulk of Chinese imports from the region. In turn, securing access to Latin American markets for the export of Chinese manufactured products became a priority as well.

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China’s Business In Latin America

Courtesy: Global Times

The Long, Hard Drive To Havana

The face-to-face conversation between President Obama and his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, marked the most significant thaw in the two countries’ relationship in decades…However, the process of fully restoring ties will be long and difficult—if it succeeds at all.

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China’s Big Dip In South America

Global Times

A Distorted World View

And while it may not come as a surprise that countries like the United States, Israel, and Russia receive significantly more attention than their counterparts in Latin America and Africa, it’s still worth noting that the geography of reporting—which is formed as much by human judgment as by the caprice of current events—influences the ways in which we perceive the world.

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The geographic focus on the world media

Battling Over Resources

Resource security is now a priority for governments the world over. Markets for many resources are likely to remain tight and unstable as demand growth outstrips production and stocks struggle to recover. Government interventions in resource markets, such as biofuel mandates and export controls, often make things worse. In the medium term, climate change will create local scarcities in vital resources such as food and water, increase market instability by disrupting production and trade, and by fuelling conflict.

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How Good Is A De-Americanised World?

The realignment that is taking place is as much attitudinal as structural. By sheer dint of size and scope, if countries no longer look to the United States for leadership there will be global ramifications. In a world with multiple centers of influence, from China to Latin America to India and sub-Saharan Africa, new actors that take on a greater share of regional and, in time, global responsibility will yield a more stable future.

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The Changing World

And what’s happening in the world today? Are the issues facing us changing, or are they the same the world battled with a decade ago? There are some surprises ahead. Here are are the 10 stealth economic trends that are impacting our world today.

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Our hugely polluted world

The World’s Getting Old and How!

By 2025, the world will have almost 800 million people over the age of 65. About 556 million of them will be in developing countries, another 254 million in developed ones. On a global scale, Asia absorbs the majority, and it seems as though Latin America will have “only” about 70 million. These demographic forecasts are not exact, but they offer an idea about the magnitude of the challenge.

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Xi Starts Americas Tour, To Meet Obama

Xi Jinping‘s just-started journey to the west hemisphere will be his first tour to Latin America as Chinese president.

Meanwhile, his June 7-8 talks with his US counterpart Barack Obama at Sunnylands estate, California, will also be the first summit between the world’s two largest economies after both countries underwent leadership transition.

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